Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April 29, 2008

April 29, 2008

Today I woke up at 6.45am, this considered early to me. Got up, went to shower while listening to the song Ketahuan by Matta. I don’t know why? But this song kept playing in my head since I got back to Philippines. I am still searching for the meaning of this song, even though the lyric is totally obvious. In the end, my opinion would be? I like the song very much.

7.00am, I am out of the shower and dressed up for work. Today, I wore a blue shirt by which I wore also during the historical photograph moments at California Pizza Kitchen, KLCC with PAZ. Plus FR and ENAR thank you very much for bringing the camera along. (Always has the niche to add a little fairy tale story, well what can I say? I am always in the dreaming mode).

7.10am went down to the 6th floor for breakfast. I had cereals, Coco crunch and Cornflakes mix together with milk and brown sugar. Brown sugar is for the sweetness taste. The cook knows that every time there are no scramble eggs, she will make me an omelet with onions and of course this I ate with ketchup. Orange juice is a must and at least to glasses of it. Yes, this would last me the whole day. Yeah right, it only lasted till 11.00am then my stomach don’t stop rumbling.

7.30am, finished my breakfast and went straight back to my apartment (by the way, my apartment number is 904) to watch my all time favorite comedy series, FRIENDS. It’s a classic. Smoke 2 sticks of cigarettes and wait till 8.00am. Today Romer (my driver) arrived slightly late like around 8.10am.

8.20am, arrived at the office and first things I did was reading all my emails and updating on my Facebook and Friendster just say I am updating stuff that does not related to work. 8.30-9.00am is what I call the ‘Chill Time’. After 9.00am-11.00am, there is nothing much I could do, so just playing around with the SV’s(the work that I am suppose to do) which were given to me at 9.30am.

Lunch time, went down for smoke by 12.15pm I am already sitting on my chair at started doing my work. Well it did not took much of my time, perhaps I can finished it within an hour’s time, but (there is always a but, how convenient) I drag the work till 3.00pm. Then I went to the pantry for Nova’s and Merry’s farewell party.

At 4.00pm, Petrues came to me and gave me a new task which needed to be submitted by today itself, mix feelings or emotions are coming to me. Damn it and I knew that I won’t be able to go back by 5.00pm as always. My instincts were true, I stayed back till 8.30pm and considered my self being lucky because there is a thing that cannot be executed and I am free at last.

Today was very tiring and somehow I felt happy, well because I did chat with a lot of people and you guys kept my adrenaline pumping. Still, thanks to everyone for keeping me focus by chatting with me today.

Now its 11.23pm, I am still sitting right in front of the laptop, what the hell? Its way past my bedtime. Goodnight and have a sweet dreams to all. Ah, I can be charming at times. Bonne nuit!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Fresh Start


Where do I begin? It seems rhyme with the song Love Story by Andy Williams. I totally love that song. Back again, where should I start? Oh yes, the story shall begin when my life started to change. When was that anyway, ah yes, that would be on the 22nd of February 2008. Actually it started sooner but I just don’t want it to be so dramatic.

22nd February 2008, a date that shall I remember for the rest of my life, it’s the day I started my job.

Details, so I need to do some flash back here. It was on the January 2008 that I first received a call from the company I am working now, it was a woman voice. She has liked the most beautiful voice ever, like I was so into the voice that I called back after office hour just to hear the voice over and over again. Right, I know its lame and back to my story. Went to the interview, scored big time and I got a job as a trainee. 5 weeks of classroom training and 3 months of on the job training. After the 3 months, they will consider me to be part of the company. By the way, I am a SAP analyst or something like that.

First day, it was on a Friday and the angel’s voice from my phone interview was wearing a purple ‘baju kurung’ and with her hair nicely tied up and my god, she looks so beautiful that day. I am sorry that I have been dreaming again. But really, she looks nice. Continue, it is a very fun orientation day, the trainees were friendly, the HR people were nice and helpful (I am saying this because she talks to me, well you have guess it right, I am dreaming again) overall I should say that the day went great.

Well I should say the historical event that is happening in my life went rather smoothly and the day ends with a happy ending.

Key points of accomplishment:-

I have proven myself that I can be successful when I thought it was impossible
I made myself proud and mostly I have made my family proud
I am ready to step into the real world with my head held high
I am starting to get a better life and make my past as a valuable lesson that will guide me through this new adventure of mysterious journey
I know that I still have my families and friends to give me support in every way they can and I am very lucky to have such wonderful people around me

For the people that has always been around to give me guidance and strength, thanks a lot, you guys know who you are, yes, you guys. All of you are the best.


Learning to become a man, the 5 weeks of classroom training, the excitement, the drama, the love and will be coming to you on the 1st of May 2008.