Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Dear People that is so kind to read this blog,

Kindly be informed that there is a lot of pictures missing from the blog and it is due to my error. I bought a new phone last year and I was naive and think that if I deleted the Picasa album in my phone it will not have any effect to the web album.

I was wrong. I was really wrong. It did deleted all of my pictures in Picasa. Due to that incident all the pictures are gone. I maybe will start FRESH with my blog for 2013. (I said maybe)

So for now please enjoy my ranting rather than my awful pictures.

Thank you.

Books, Books & Books

This year probably is the largest collection of books I have bought. To date I think I have 10 - 15. Although to some of you guys it is a small amount but for me..geez it is quite a lot. I wonder when I am going to finish them. Hope I will start reading them by this week and try to finish them by March next year. April 2013 new batches of book will come home. I will give my review to the books and trying a new method here of giving the reviews.

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The movie runs for 170 minutes and out of that minutes 160 was the good ones. What I can say more? It was a good movie not great but good. I would love to see it again in the cinema. So what was this movie is all about?

The Hobbit is the prequel to The Lord of the Ring, the story of Bilbo Baggins adventure before Frodo came along. The first installment of The Hobbit will bring you back on how Bilbo acquire the ring from Smeagol. It is also the story of dwarfs came together for an adventure to take back of their mountain called Elebor. Among those dwarfs we can relate two characters that will have connection to Gimli. One is his father Gloin and cousin Balin. 
 This is the part where Bilbo is reading the contract given by the dwarfs to become embark on their journey of adventures. Bilbo was chosen by Gandalf to become the thief and helping out the dwarfs to regain back their mountain called the Elebor.
We can also see Gandalf a bit younger that before and Saruman starting to become the evil wizard. From the Elves community Lord Elrond of Rivendell and Lady Galadriel was there too. It was again a good one from Peter Jackson. There is a lot of action too I might add.

So guys and gals go run to the cinema near you and have fun watching :-)

I rate it 5 POPCORNS..plus 2 sets of chicken wings..