Wednesday, July 30, 2008

PAPAN NOTIS! [Heroes Spoiler]

My comment will be...Hmmm...why must she died??HUHU...

WARNING!!!Don't read if you don't want to spoil it!!!

Spoilers begin after the jump:

• The action begins with a "future" Peter (Milo Ventimiglia, pictured) coming back to modern day in an effort to shoot Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) before he exposes their secret powers to the world.

• Matt (Greg Grunberg) discovers future-Peter's real identity — but is banished into the middle of nowhere before he can do anything about it.

• Mohinder (Sendhil Ramamurthy) finally isolates Maya's (Dania Ramirez) powers in chemical form, and uses a syringe to inject himself with the magic elixir rather than give the girl what she wants — freedom from the hell of her super-human affliction.

• Sylar (Zachary Quinto) traps Claire (Hayden Panettiere) in her house and literally rips open her head to steal her thoughts and ability to defy death, while...

• Hiro (Masi Oki) disobeys his dead father's command and opens up the office safe that holds part of a formula that, if completed, could destroy the world. Of course, it's confiscated within seconds by a mysterious, time-traveling blonde.

• There are also brief appearances by Niki (Ali Larter) — now looking professional and dating (or married to?) an older man — as well as Noah (Jack Coleman), who's locked up in an inescapable prison cell. Oh, and keep an eye out for a new animated image (painting?) that look likes the Earth is cracking in half.

• And did we say a newly powered-up Mohinder gets to finally kick some ass?

Credit to “Chris Haston”

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I'm going to start reading back the books by Stephenie Meyer...Starting with Twilight...Then I'm going to discuss about the book...It sure must be FUN!!!After that I will move on to the second book, New Moon.

Then I will read up again Eclipse until the last book comes out next month, by August 9 I think title Breaking Dawn...The final instalation of the Stephenie Meyer book series about Vampire...Hope you guys can enjoy my review.

I will not talk that much, it would be a simple review. At least my brain will have exercise since that my body didn't have one. HAHAHA!!! I also will be doing the review on all the Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling. It is one of the best collection yet, for me that is.

I'm also thinking about the Mitch Albom's collection, his writings about life experienced really touched me, he did it as if he was part of it. I guessed he did became a part of the writings, that was in the title Tuesday's with Morrie.

I also want to start a collection with all the Dan Brown's books. His contoversial book the Da Vinci's Code was a good one. He really narated the story as if the thing was real, as if Jesus has a bloodline till today although for me it's just fictions. But he did make it as though it is real.

There is so many titles to read, can I do this??Well it depends on how RAJIN I am...HEHE...;-p


Thinking Cap

Its 12.33am, Tuesday July 29 2008...I'm still awake...No suprise there!!!I wanted to sleep but I'm too happy to sleep...HAHA...its because I got a new laptop kot...going online just from the katil...sungguh BEST!!!Hehe...

Well I don't know what to write but I just felt like it. What can I talk about?? Let see...hmmm...let's Muhasabah myself tonight!!!Yeah, I think that's a good idea...I want to be honest to myself, what have I accomplished from January till July 2008??Let's go back in time...7 months back...(right now I'm listening to Leona Lewis - Take A Bow...I like this song)

January 2008...
As far as I can remmeber, I don't have any specific cita-cita for 2008, January 1st passed by just like any other will take me through the rest of the year...I can't remember where I celebrated the New Year's Eve...I guessed kat rumah kot!!!I do remmeber one thing, that month on January 26, I got an interview with Accenture where it would be my first real job after graduation(my first job would be working in McDonalds Pusat Bandar Damansara in 2001 or 2002...I think it was 2002...early 2002 when I was still residing in Bukit Damansara...rumah at Jalan Setiaraya so full of memories...I love it there)

February 2008...
Not much adventure for the beginning of the month. It gets exciting by the end of the month where I join Accenture as a Trainee in FICO. This is the part where I have the crush on someone and blah...blah...blah....Good ending for the month of February...

March 2008...
This is the month that has full of excitement...Really???Emmm...I'm not to sure...I guessed so...HAHA...I met with new friends...Wonderful friends actually, I don't know we would considered as Friends or Colleugues...but my term with them would be friends...PERIOD!!!In March also we experienced the new era of Malaysia Political structure whereby the ruling coalition which have governed the country for 50 years has taken the big blow when they lost 5 states and were denied the 2/3rd majority inside the Dewan Rakyat...I am anxious to witness what will happen next!!!I also did learned new things like SAP FICO and ABAP which is the programming language for SAP...I don't like the training that was BORING and I couldn't understand what the Trainer is talking about!!!The bond with the other trainees are getting stronger, when it reaches to the end of the training when most of us were sent to project sites we were considered as close but not that close...2 were sent to Scomi, 3 were sent to Averis, 3 were doing ABAP for Shell Project, 2 were sent to Manila for Chevron Project Olympic (I'm in this group) and 4 left behind with no projects to be assinged to. This is also the month where I carpooled with Cik Puteri kita...I was a COOL experienced...HAHAHA...;-p

April 2008...
April 1st 2008, I was based in Manila, Philippines. Yeah its kind of a new thingy for me. It was really a GREAT memory for me. April 2nd, my first report duty in my career life at Chevron Manila. I get to meet with people from different nationalities. I don't want to say anything because sometimes and some of these people just thinking of them PISS ME OFF!!!In April also I started blogging, this is due to me getting something to do during my past time. Blogging does help you to eased up a releases some tense...because everything that you wanted to say it out loud which you cannot possiblely express it could be done by blogging, its purposed could be the same as writing diaries.

May 2008...
I received my allowances on May 9th, 2 days late as promised by the employer...thats the day I went back to KL for my flyback...I think thats the time when I started to be close to Maria. This also the first time I celebrated my birthday outside of the country, with no close friends and families around. Its a good memory then, and also this is the month where I met Sharina and her sister Risa, which Sharina I havent met like 13 years ago when we was in standard 6. She brought me around a few places in Manila...Thank GOD I found her, if not I would not venture that far out...I'm a bit lazy!!!HAHA...What a small world right???Out of all the places...It has been a pleasure to meeting you again Sharina.

June 2008...
The final month for my On the Job Training, and this is the month where I faced the first challenges to come in my life. The stories in Manila was getting exciting untill the end, June 20th where I am sad to leave Manila, it has been GREAT to be there...It has been a wonderful experienced and exposure. June 23rd, the black day started till it ends when the month end...cut the story short, I was not converted to be a permenant staff of Accenture because of something that I could not understand till now...but I know its about I'm playing the internet...Moral of the story, Do Not Play the Internet while you are On The Job Training...It doesn't matter if you did your job on time, you bust your ass to finish your job even on your birthday...just don't play the internet and chatting because if you are working on client site, they will complaint and you wont get converted...PERIOD!!!(What a stupid DUMBASS reason!!!)

July 2008...
I revived myself from the did not take long for me to find a new job...I went for an interview Arinso, 3 days after that I got the job as Associate SAP HR Consultant...Thank GOD for that too!!!I also declared a relationship with Maria, we decided to take it slow, not to get too attached at this time...Let time decides wheather we could be together for the rest of our lives...There is still a long way to go...Much more time to get to know each other more better. Finally, for the month of July, specifically on July 28th, I started my job at NorthgateArinso.

So for the last 7 months it has been so full of drama, romance, flings, crushess, memories of the GOOD and the BAD!!!Experiences and exposures!!!All I can summarized is that I has been a colourful, exciting and memorable 7 months for the year 2008.

Monday, July 28, 2008

July 28, 2008

I has been a long time since I woke up at 6am...Well today I have to cause I am starting a new job...Woke up at 6am...took a bath...went out of the room and asked Kak Yah to make me MILO...that helps to BERAK actually...HAHA!!!

By 7.30am, I'm totally ready to go to work...but I have to wait for U Pes and the others to get ready and breakfast...They were going to the US Embassy to get their VISAS!!!Oh Yeah, they will be going to the STATES this August 16...I will be left behind to guard the house!!!HAHA...that would be scary....Wooooo!!!

Got out of the house at about 7.50am, Pakcik Ali drove us first to the US Embassy, I still think that we used the long way...if we had used jalan Kuching would be a lot faster...but what do I care, as long as I got a free ride!!!HAHAHA...;-p

Reached the US Embassy around 8.25am, drop U Pes and the family there and then Pakcik Ali send me to TH Perdana beside Maju Junction because thats where my new office will be...Arrived in Maju Junction at around 8.50am...Smoke a ciggarette then went staright up to the 40th floor.

Reach the office doors at 9am sharp...WOW!!!I don't realised that I can be punctual!!!HAHA...At about 9.30am...I had the office tour which is so BORING!!!the office was small compared to Accenture...missed my PEEPS there!!!

At 10.15am, Ms. Tan Ai Bee the HR Director came to the discussion room and started with the slides for the OnBoarding Process...OMG!!!it has been a 3 hours most BORING session...but she was quite FUNNY its not that BAD!!!HEHE...

At 1.00pm, went out for lunch with my new office colleugue Husnah, Valerie and Faezan which all of them are girls...Surrounded by GIRLS again...Where have the boys gone???Shissshhh...

Got back from lunch at 2.00pm, waited inside the discussion room for a while until FiFi the admin girl came to us and brought us down to the 33rd floor to take the laptops and find a place to sit...Since 2.30pm till now...I have been chatting, Facebooking, and updating this Blog...I hope tomorrow they will tell me to which project that I should be assign to...I glad I got the laptop...and I hope it can connect to the WIRELESS at HOME!!!

Going to MISS Maria though...She has gone to Manila today!!!HUHUHU...I hope she will be okay there!!!Oh well, nothing more to say...Bye!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Minum-Minum Petang

Got nothing to talk about actually but I felt like BLOGGING right now!!!HEHE..;-p

Well today will be my last weekdays and my last week before I started to WORK again...I can't wait to join NorthgateArinso
next week!!!YEEHAA!!!

I woke up early this morning...(9.30am, is it considered early??HAHAHA...;-p)Kiyai called me around that time and asked me to joined him for breakfast...I said YES and he would come and pick me up around an hour times. So I got off the bed, when out of the room and go straight to the kitchen made myself a glass of Ribena (it helps me to throw out unnecessary things inside my PERUT!!!HAHAHA...;-p)

I open the laptop, went online for a while just to wait for my stomach to GROWL!!!check my FaceBook...or in other words 10.15am I went to showers and took a bath!!!While enjoying the cold running water from the showers, I put up a little music by Jason Mraz - I'm Yours. Its almost 2 weeks that I haven't woke up in the morning and took an early bath and even enjoy breakfast...usually I woke up LUNCH is served!!!HAHAHA...

Kiyai arrived in front of the house around 11am and we took off to Binjai Restaurant and had our breakfast there. I wanted to ate roti telur and Kiyai wanted roti sardin but we are too late, all FINISHED!!!So Kiyai had Nasi Lemak and I had Nasi Dagang...the foods was OK!!!

After breakfast Kiyai wanted to send his car to change the break fluid and so we went to ENEOS or what ever the spell is...that will be in OU at the Old Wing. After sending the car I went to Maxis to ask about separate bills, but it didn't help much!!! Then we went to Secret Recipe and ate desserts there, I had Chocolate Indulgence and Kiyai had the Chocolate Banana Cake...I don't know if its good or what, but mine was not sooo good!!!

I guess right after lunch there is not so many things that fascinate me...But tonight I have a date with Maria...She wants to go and see Dark Knight...So till next time...DAAA...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Phone Bill

I have been a Maxis user for a long time...I don't know when exactly I started using the number...but I can remember that I had 2 Maxis number before this one...

I'm a prepaid user from the year 2004 for my current number...or is it from matter...I have been using the Hotlink prepaid number for some time...and I guess its the best time for me to move on to postpaid since that it has the Family Plan...which I think will save me on my phone bills when I called my MUM and BROTHER!!!is was the plan actually...

But I'm really Piss Off with me brother...WTH, is he thinking...I thought using postpaids would save up some bills...but nooooo...its getting more and more difficult for me...We are supposed to be saving...Doesn't phone users ever think about they have used a lot on their phone for something unnecessary...I don't care if you can afford it...but I do care if you don't afford to pay for all you have used!!!

Its something silly to used the phone for up to RM200 - RM300 for phone calls, messages, and other RIDICULOUS services...Whats up with that??My uncle a business man doesn't used the phone up to RM200 a month...

So what's up that...This month bill although it did not SOAR up till RM300++ but it almost reach up to RM300...Mine maintained RM120-RM130 only last month it reaches RM216...It bothers me a lot...It suppose to help my mom but what happening now it's the other way around...OMG!!!I can't stand this anymore...I even bought myself a new prepaid number just in case the line is being BARRED again by the TELCO!!!

But what can I do??His my brother...He should realized by now that paying just the phone bill will make him a burden!!!please realized something by now...How many times I talked to him...he wouldn't listen...What can I do now??any bright ideas anyone???HAHAHA...No needlah...Its just an expression...He will come around someday...

My final words for now will be...HMMMPPHHHH... ;-p

A New Enviroment

I wanted to give many THANKS and further appreciation to Accenture Malaysia for giving me the opportunity to start a New Life...It has been a GREAT 4months experienced...I must say that I have been lucky to be sent to Manila, working with different people from around the WORLD!!!its a pleasure to know all of you GUYS!!!to the people in KL office...especially to Puteri whom help me a lot during the training...those GUYS in Manila office...and those Malaysian...Azlan, Hisham, Rifqah, Kevin and has been a pleasure of meeting you guys...and not to forget to the trainess (who are now converted..HEHE..) Maria, Mar, Diya, Yan, Ella, Ayu, Fazz, Su, Yani, Ainur, Kak As and not to forget my colleague during my OJT in Manila, Safiuddin...NICE knowing you guys...This will not end our FRIENDSHIP!!!We shall meet again someday...


July 15 2008, I was called for an INTERVIEW with NorthgateArinso for the position of Associate HR Consultant...My cousin Nizad helped me passed my RESUME to the company..since that my status was still hanging in MID AIR!!!So that day, my interview was at 2pm...

The interview venue was at TH Perdana, 40th floor at Maju Junction...I left the house at 12pm I think...and asked Pakcik Ali to send me there...Since Syafiq finished school at 1pm...He insisted to send me to Maju Junction...that surely is a good thing...I could save up a little bit of CASH!!!Reached Maju Junction around 12.30pm and I went to Starbucks and had my favourite coffee (FYI, Caramel Machiato, Hot, Venti) and read Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer while waiting for the time to tick till 1.30pm...

At 1.20pm...get out from Starbucks and straight to the LOO...getting SMART...washed my FACE...fix the hair...wore the TIE...and UP to the 40th floor...when I got there..It was 1.45pm the interview starts with a IQ Test and Essay...oh GOD..I really hate writing ESSAYS...what did I wrote about that day??HMMM...I forgot...but it had to do with experienced and I wrote about the Experience in Manila...HEHE...soooo typical of ME...;-p

So, we come to the interview part..I went inside around 2.45pm and came out at 3.40pm...its almost an hour inside the room...and again, I forgot the interviewers name..HAHA..Sorry DUDE!!!the interview questions circle around the OJT in Manila, so I talked about FI...How I did the MEC & YEC...about I did the Testing...then talked about myself...the sessions was NICE!!!it wasn't that TENSED!!!I felt RELAX!!!it went GREAT!!!

Friday, July 18 2008, 4.43pm...NorthgateArinso called me on my CELL!!!I got the position to join them!!!HAHAHA...I felt very lucky that day...and I was sooooo HAPPY gile-gile...they asked me when can I start..I told them...I can start right away...last Monday...and they told me that's too then they told me I can come and sign the agreement on Tuesday and come to worj with them on July 28 2008. I am sooooo pleased and I thank GOD for that!!!

Tuesday, July 22 2008, 11am...i went back to the office...and exactly at 11.10am...I signed the agreement to join NorthgateArinso as Associate HR Consultant...How I felt that day???Yeah like everyone else I think...HAPPY!!!because Im sooooo BORED right the job was a relief for me...Thank GOD again..HAHA...even the job is contract for 1 year!!!


My new ENVIROMENT...well, its not at KLCC and as glamorous as Accenture...but this company is NOT that BAD!!!all I need is more EXPERIENCE and EXPOSURE!!!I have much more to learned and more knowledge to acquire!!!there is more FRIENDS to be made...I will not make myself DEMOTIVATED again...Right now my GOAL will be to move FORWARD with more ambition and strength and let the past be a lesson for me in the future!!!

This coming Monday, July 28 2008 will be another Dawn for me..another platform for ME to strive for further SUCCESS in LIFE!!!Wish ME GoodLuck!!!and I don't know why Iman and Diyanah was so Depressed when I told them I got a JOB...HAHAHA...(maybe no one will BABYSIT them in the afternoon...sorry guys...JOB is more important!!!than I can BELANJA you BaskinRobbins more often..HAHAHA..;-p)


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Dark Knight

It's time for a movie review...The best movie of the far goes to The Dark Knight...the movie was 2 and half hours or sooo...but its worth it to pay RM11 to watch it...the movie wasn't slow at all.

It starts with a BANG!!!and ended with a triple BANG!BANG!BANG!!!all I can say is WOW!!!

The first scene was when JOKER(played by the late Heath Ledger)it was GREAT!!!the bank HEIST scene was one of the best scene...I'm glad that I reached the cinema in the nick of time when I finally settled down to watch...the movie started!!!

The movie will tell you how psycho JOKER was in the beginning and the creation of HARVEY DENT a.k.a HARVEY TWO FACE...the flow of the movie was incredibly organize...the plots and the scene will take you to understand the movie better...TWO THUMBS UP!!!

Wow amazing movie health ledger nailed this role (: it sucks that he died cause he was WOW(: R.I.P Heath Ledger!

Overall I would say that The Dark Knight is a HELL of a GREAT MOVIE!!! no doubt about it!!! To those of you that did not yet watch the movie...I recommended that you should watch!!!at the CINEMA!!!Its a 5 stars rating!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

6 Dalil Kenapa Aku Tak DiConvertkan

This is my Performance Review which I regret to say is FULL of CRAP!!!

It starts from here...

Just FYI, since our connection is only for YE Close activities, all I can give you is some feedback related to the topic. But since you have other stuffs that you've completed, all of your direct supervisors give feedback for you so please find below feedback that I've summarized from other team mates.

1. You need to work on your communication skill using email or any reporting device. We've discussed this before and I say you've become better but still, need to increase your skill.

My comment on this is that I'm getting better you IDIOTS!!!its not like I'm getting worst of writing it...

2. You need to work on the quality of your deliverables for example your validation documentation. Your deliverables should be easy to understand even for common people (without any related background). And I also can say that you've become better on second YEC assignment.

My comment again, I have become better..DUHHHHH~

3. You need to be more proactive to help others. If you don't have anything to do, please ask your supervisor or team mates on how you can help them. Don't wait to be asked.

My comment, this is another BULLSHIT statement...I did asked, but you guys said...Ohhh...We don't have anything for you now...When WE have something...Then WE will come back to you...JACKASSES on the RISE!!!

4. You need to have ownership on what you're doing. For example, when we scheduled to have training for you, you didn't show up until your supervisor calls you.

What the HELL!!!I don't even know there was a TRAINING you ASSHOLES!!!The day you guys sent the email I was on my way BACK to MALAYSIA you DUMB ASSES!!!and on MONDAY morning my PC was used by some other people...Really..Im working with IDIOTS!!!

5. It's good to have you spend some extra hours to complete your task.

WTF!!!I even work late on my birthday...any excuse NOT to hire is just FINE for you IDIOTS!!!

6. You also need to work on your working manner. We're working with the client in the project so I think browsing or chatting for unrelated topic will be unappropriate. To be honest, I received complain from the client about this.

This is madness, in the 1st place why didn't you bunch of IDIOTS WARNED!!!what??you have to wait till the review to tell it out...and its FOOLISH accusation...My new ambition from now on...I will not play the internet or chatting during work!!!its BAD!!!(I'm being SARCASTIC)


moral of the story...when you are on probation or training or whatever, DO NOT PLAY the INTERNET or CHATTING!!!because thats the only reason they will not HIRE don't attend training, that's FINE!!!but playing internet is a CRIME!!!

I'm really PISS OUT about this!!!This is a TOTAL BULLSHIT!!!