Monday, November 30, 2009

A Tribute

What I am about to write does not have a happy ending..It is a sad story..For a wonderful person, a lovely aunt and a GREAT human being..This is a tribute..

On the 27th of November 2009, when Muslims all around the world celebrating the holy day of Eid Mubarak..the whole Hj Nani family and I celebrated in tears. The lost of a loving mother to her sons and daughters,a loving grandmother to her grandchildren, a loving sister and a loving aunt.

Al-Fatihah, step one..Al-Fatihah, step two..Al-Fatihah, step three..Al-Fatihah, step four..Al-Fatihah, step five..Al-Fatihah, step six..Al-Fatihah, step seven..Every step we carry this wonderful person is a step closer to eternal life, every step I took when carry this wonderful person is  a step reminding me I am heading to my rightful owner..Allah..and so is she..

Goodbye is not the final words a living person should say..We shall meet again in Jannah with all the Rahmat given to us by Allah is what we shall pray everyday..No human shall live forever..The All Mighty Allah will still remain..Let us remind ourselves..that by being dead does not mean we are is a reminder for us to be more and more faithful to Allah..the promise of Jannah is our target..

Allahyarham Nadiah bte Nani (what we called her amongst us cousins are Aunty Nonie)..she departed to meet her maker on the 27th November 2009, around 3.15am (if I am not mistaken). She is a loving, caring, fun to be with, cheerful, happy go lucky aunt. A favorite amongst the favorites. A lost I should say on behalf of my family. No more words can describe her greatness in life. To sum all the words into one, I can say she is a wonderful person.

You will be missed but shall not be forgotten..
You will be laid to rest but your laughter shall be remembered..your expression is priceless..your life is an extraordinaire..

You are a GREAT adventurer in your story book my all the stories of your life will be a legend..May Allah blessed you..Al-Fatihah..

This is my mother's siblings:-
Ismail bin Nani
Nolan bin Nani
Nahidah bte Nani (my mother)
Nailah bte Nani
Nadiah bte Nani
Narimah bte Nani
Noziah bte Nani

Sorry about the list..It is a reminder for us (the cousins) we still have duties to our mother or father to attend to..while they are still alive..let us not forget about them..they are the ones responsible for us when we are young, now they are older it is our responsibilities to provide for them..Insyallah..

Allahyarhamah Nadiah Bte Nani In Memory...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

PAPAN NOTIS! [Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha 2009]

Hey Everyone..Just wanted to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha..May Allah blessed us again on this holiest of days..I will be away to be with my family in Batu Pahat..So there will be no updates for my blog during the period of deactivation until the reactivation date..Betul ke ayat aku ni??OK!!!Happy Holidays everyone!!!Enjoy!!!

Deactivation: 26th November 2009
Reactivation: 30th November 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sesi TT ~ Tony Roma's in March

OK!!!Someone wanted proof on the weight before the Game Begins!!!So Mrs. Wifey...Since your husband is very reluctant to read this blog..Could you tell him the weight is there..The dial is at 112kg..This is the proof and we can start the Bet!!!hehe..Sila lah inform ekk..

Monday, November 23, 2009


 I say..It was a good movie..

This is a story about a prediction made by the Mayans long before the invention seismic calculator on the earth crust..Does that sounds right??Hehe..It is the End of the World, Judgement Day, Qiamat, Apocalypse or What ever you want to call it..

In the year 2009 (based on the movie), this guy name Adrian flies to India to meet with his friend on urgent matters. Little he found out that the trip changes his life, not just him but the entire human race. The cause of this apocalyptic events are because of the solar explosion made by the sun that was so powerful it sends radiation to earth (this is based on my understanding..haha..) core and melted away the earth's crust. It started when the planets are aligned and till the year 2012 all preparations needed are almost ready for disposal, Apocalypse started.

The movie are done with cool effects and the cinematography are great. But during the course of this movie, the escaped part played by John Cusack was totally Bull#&%$ Pardone mon Francais..hehe..anyway it was a good movie..nice storyline..logically explained on the turn of events (some actually), narrated in a good way. Funny scenes (the part where the Queen, Elizabeth are trying to get the dogs in the arc or when to old ladies just came back from buying groceries), a few drama scene showed very well to the extent I connected with the movie..Cewahh!!!Haha..(the part when Adrian called his father, it was touching..I wished I can call my father).

To sum it all up..I rated this movie with 4 POPCORNS..Brava..Brava..

The Poster above shown is when California fell to bottom of Pacific Ocean.. 

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mari Belajar v.01

20th November 2009,

Ada orang bertanyakan perihal satu perkataan nih..tapi tak taulah samada semua tau maksud die ke idak kan..Mari Belajar:

Saper tau ayat ini boleh digunakan masa bila???
Tak tau takpe..meh sini aku terangkan dengan ayat-ayat lazim digunakan bersama perkataan ini:
  1. Macam hape je minum bebanyak kan dah nak MEMBESEH tak tentu hala je..
  2. Bang!Boleh stop kan bas nih kat memana tak? Dah tak tahan nak MEMBESEH nih..
  3. Kau nih memang kuat MEMBESEHlah..kan tadi baru je gi..
  4. Aku dah cakap tadi jangan minum banyak sangat kan dah asek nak MEMBESEH je..
  5. Kau ehh tadi gi MEMBESEH? Habis bau petai siot..Hampeh sungguh!!!
Inilah ayat2 yang boleh disinonimkan dengan MEMBESEH..OK!!!Sudah paham ka apa itu MEMBESEH???

Friday, November 20, 2009


20th November 2009,

It is now 4.44pm on a Friday evening..Al-Fatihah to my late Atuk Allahyarham Jaffar Abdul Majid and my late Dad Allahyarham Sheikh Abdullah Hussin..

I was taking a nap around 3.15pm when the weather outside submit to windy and drizzly..It was really a good time..Oh I mean the best time to take a nap..

I dream..I can't remember what it is about but I remember I was in my room..and walking towards the toilet to enter when suddenly two people entering the toilet in the dark..I opened the lights..there they Uncle Pes and my cousin Nizad was there. So meaning Nizad is going to used it then my uncle was showing the way.

I went out to used the upstairs bathroom..but outside there were so many people but I can't make out the people other than Maklong and that time Maklong was talking about her new home and about renting it..and talked about new job and something I can't make out..then she just move back a little and Atuk's face..exactly like he was when he was alive..with the smile on his face and he said to me..

"Dah kerjakan sekarang..Tak ingat kat atuk ehh??Sekali-sekala bagilah sedekah.."

I was awake..and quickly recite Al-Fatihah..Scary dream..or it was educational?? as I am writing..I feel goosebumps weihh on my hands..Pheww!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blog Away

19th November 2009,

Nowadays..OKlah..Since Monday..asyik nak memblog jer..tapi this time most of the entries are like my mini diarieslah..except I didn't put in all the exact details..sometimes you got to keep something for yourself..not all matters can be shared with other people kan..

I know some entries are kind of boring without the actions and thrills to accompany each stories..but hey..this is what I like to write..and because I don't have good stories to tell..hehe..and by blogging it does help with my emotions..really it write what you feel even though not all of the end you feel relief..rasa best gilalah lepas tuh..

Today nothing much happened..Syafiq got his UPSR result out. Congratulations to him for his 4 A's..kind of surprised when usually he played games most of the time..I am impressed..Emm..what other things I might add..None..hehe..I really wished to go and watch 2012..but someone told me the storyline Sucks!!!Even the effects are Great!!! jerlah..lagipun I need to save some money..Other than that nothing special..So it's a simple & nice day for me at home..

Till I blog again..Aurevoir!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Good News

18th November 2009,

Today is like every ordinary day. Woke up late. But got a call from FR. He asked me to join him to Pavilion. We stopped by at Jalan Bellamy for Ikan Bakar. That is our lunch. Sorry I didn't took my camera along if not bolehlah buat review sikitkan about that place. I can't remember which shop sells the best "Burn Fish" in town.

After that we went to Pavilion, FR wanted to complaint yet again on his new phone (mantops weih HP baru dia..POWER!). Arrived there went straight to the shop. Lucky today that guy tak buat perangai dengan mengamuk tahap Dewa Berantai Level Kelapanbelas. Harini FR agak mild. Hahaha..It was raining heavily that time and inside me wishing to go to Starbucks to have one Venti Hot Caramel Machiatto. Best tuh.

Tak lama lah we are there about 3.30pm dah on the way balik and the rain still drizzling and at some part it's heavy pour. I was driving the car. Today hired to be his driver. Hahaha...

Sampai simpang nak ke The Curve nak masuk balik BU..around 4.07pm..a number I remembered when the first time they called. Nih no. %$#*&@#&. When we talked about 2 minutes after she explain something I didn't bother to know. She said, Congratulations!!!Yeay!!!Alhamdulillah!That is GOOD NEWS!!!I was hired. The pay was even better. Earn ermm..hmm..a little bit more (I can't give the exact figure but it is what I targeted for this year..hehe). The benefits were normal with all the insurances, medical & dental benefits etc..macam tuhlah.

So again..I praised to ALLAH for the blessing. I am thankful to Allah. Alhamdulillah. Guys/Gals lets pray for my success in the long run. Hope that I can be a better man than I was before for the job. Amin.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

There and Back Again

17th November 2009,

First of all..who knows from what movie does my title belongs too??a clue..Bilbo..hee..

The second interview for this month. And it is kind of a last minute thing. The story goes...

Late office hour at around 5.30pm, it was drizzling rather heavily yesterday and I took a snooze around 5.00pm. The sound of my phone ringtone Galway Girl - Steve Eale blasted away. I picked up, and a recruiter name Eleanor was on the line. She invited me for an interview and it cannot be later than today. So I said yes to her that today will be fine. And as always this particular company requested something out of the ordinary from other companies. Scanning of a few documents. Luckily this house is fully equipped. Hehe..

I can't really sleep that night and went to slumber rather late. I woke up it was already 10.00am. I got ready quickly because there is few things I need to do, photostatting documents and scanning some more. At 12.30pm all the things I needed to do was done. And now we wait...

At 2.00pm, I started my bike engine and strode away with the wind in my back. Cewahh!!!Dramaticlah pulak kan..Arrived at the venue with half and hour to spare. So got up to one the highest level and waited to start with the interview. The interviewer was 10 minutes late because she was in a meeting. There is nothing special about this interview but I got the feeling that I really nailed it. Meaning I think I have high chances in getting the position hopefully. The interview session the same as always asked generic questions and I gave my generic answers. It really went well. By 4.10pm the interview is done.

While I was in the room I looked outside and it was raining madly. But towards the end I am relief that the rain stops. No wonder it was so cold in there. Brrrr...So on my way back I met with Khu at the elevator. Pray for my success will you guys??The story does not end there, the weather was fine on my way back. But towards 200 meters reaching No. 15..the rain pours like people with no bladder control. Reached home with my clothes, phones, box of cigarette soaked in wetness. Rugi my rokoks..hahaha..and now my body temperature is a little bit high..dizzy..hopefully tomorrow I will be OK..

Alright that's it..Going to Binjai for a nice and lonely Teh Tarik session with myself...Sad kan??

Monday, November 16, 2009

My Feet Hurts Like Crazy

The date is 15 November 2009,

Just came back from Bestari at Hartamas after a long "Lepaking" with friends on Teh Tarek and Life as We Live It..Got to bed at exactly when the chime starts beating at 4.00am..

The alarm blasted it's heavy metal sound furiously asked me to wake up and get ready..Lazily I walked towards the empty bathroom whilst the light was still flickering itself..

Standing inside a huge hall with my trusted earphone stuck in my ear listening to TI and JT - Dead & Gone..Why did I deserved to be out of bed early Sunday morning inside this empty huge hall..A mistake that I shall remember and make sure it will not occur again in the future..

Take the things back to the hotel room..leave the parked car at the convention center..and use the coupon for a free complimentary breakfast (first time I felt I was Sunny Side Up!!!)..Gone down to the hotel cafe..Ate a light breakfast (consist of Scramble Eggs, Omelet, Beef Bacon, Small Frankfurters & Pink Guava juice).

At the corner of the hotel, standing alone with a stick in my mouth..Puffing away all those smokes out of my lungs when suddenly my phone rang..Breakfast at Binjai? I declined immediately. 2 minutes later..breakfast? where are you at? Another conversation after that. I declined again.

It is strange when my Free Sunday morning previous weeks, no one called for breakfast, not even a SMS but No!When I have to work that day, 3 invitations to breakfast. Amazingkan? Oh. 3 invitations is I received 2 calls and a SMS. Respectfully I declined to all but requested them to join me at the convention center. Which I doubted very much they would come.

Time flies..11.00am..
Short briefing..Still got no idea what was I supposed to do..the event starts at 2.00pm..I was the bell boy, bus boy, garcon, delivery commettee, ushering committee and a lot of other things but most of the time just standing around like Lady Liberty without the Torch on my right hand and tabula ansata tablet on my left except it was replaced by a more 21st century equipment..A walkie talkie.

Can we go in now? There were like 2,000 or more people standing right at the door to enter the hall. You can hear children screaming, crying, men and women talking, whispering, laughing and worst "Gossiping". The traditional Malay culture. No gossip = No Fun.

The event started..the participants, delegates, people rushed in like mad cows in the ranch. It is not easy with people as to least cows listen to your instruction. People tend to think what they do is the best but they suck at it..I am not going to tell what happened during the 3 hours of my hand going up to my brains and swirl it around..It is bad enough to compare them to cows..Ooppss..Pardon my French..

My phone vibrates..I have to again declined an offer to join a special occasion..I am truly sorry for that because I got to work..Arghhh!!!and it did not made me a Millionaire. I was forced booked about a month ago to work on the 15th..Darn it!!!I missed the FUN!!!

The longest time I felt, my legs ankle were successfully been broken in 3 parts and don't let me start with my feet..The first part of the event ended..and at 7.30pm the second part (the Gala Dinner) starts. With a small briefing on what to do (which by the way is nothing much) and by the time briefing is done it was already 7.10pm..Still from breakfast till now, No! food was served for us except 2 pieces of McD chicken nuggets..

Fast Forward..10.30pm
The entertainer that night was Helmi the Gimmick..something like thatlah..He was Good at entertaining..and I spent about an hour sitting when before that running around the hall searching for Male & Female Best dressed competition. The winner for best dress got away with 2 tickets to Bali..Nice!My stomach was grumbling, my feet is..speechless to say..and still haven't ate..Just bought 1 20's of Dunhill finest in the morning and right then left with 3 sticks..Made friend with the photographer from FR & ENAR wedding..

Officially at 12.00am..
The event is Over!!!I am officially hungry, cranky, stinky, grumpy, sleepy and many more unused words that I think off. No more events like this for me i guess..Try to keep far away from it..

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Birthday

This is "My Jalang" aka my motorbikelah...She celebrated her birthday yesterday on the 13th of November 2009. It has already been a year with her. My trusted companion. Hehehe..A year has passed and there is no hardship between our relationship I hope this continue for a very long period of time. Happy Birthday again "My Jalang"..

Friday, November 13, 2009

Paths of Glory

"I should not have needed to travel halfway round the world to discover that without you I am nothing, as many less fortunate men with envy in their eyes have oft reminded me, and they do not know the half. Ask any one of them what he would sacrifice for that first moment of passion to last a lifetime, and he would tell you half his days, because no such woman exists. They are wrong. I have found that woman, and nothing will ever take her place, certainly not this ice-cold maiden that slumbers above me.

Some men boast of their conquest. The truth is, I've had but one, as I loved you from the moment I first saw you. You are my waking morning, you are my setting sun." 
-passage from the book..the last letter the husband wrote to his wife.. 

This book by Jeffrey Archer is based on a true story..

It is debatable till this day that it is not Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953 was the first Englishmen to conquered Everest. It is said, based on this book that maybe George Leigh Mallory was the first together with Sandy Irvine. Like I said it is debatable.

Well the book tells us the story and life of Mr. George Leigh Mallory from his early life, school life, college & university years, the work life, mountaineering experienced, marriage, the Great War (back then during 1900's it is called we know it as World War I), the first Everest expedition and the final days Mr. Mallory.

It is a wonderful book telling us how Mr. Mallory shows is exquisite behavior as an English Gentlemen with his politeness and the ways he woos his wife Ruth. Thrilling and exciting his life must be. I do envy him in certain ways told by the author. I too dream of having a loving wife and perfect family.

Even though in the end, a dreadful ending is to be expected. Meaning that this story doesn't have a happy ending. It is recommended to you guys/gals to read this. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Interview

Note: The story I am about to tell is based on a true story but with added exaggerated effect and cool incident to spice it up. Mostly during the time the interview started so that the person the story teller going to tell will look more Macho & Professional..hahaha.. 

The story begins when a young man with essentially good looks and smart received a phone call during a smoking sessions with his friends.

"Hello, can I speak to Mr. Rob Thomas please."

"Yes. This Rob speaking. How may I help you sir? and may I know who is on the line?"

"Mr. Thomas. This is Krishna on the line. I am calling from *&^%$ and would like to tell about a particular job opening with *&^#%. Are you free to talk now?"

That's how this thrilling and adventure story started to flow. Rob was mostly happy after that and couldn't care less about his tiredness walking around the shopping mall for half of his Saturday. Not long after that call, he received a SMS from an alien number.

"Good day to you. This is a reminder on our interview tomorrow at Hilton Sentral which will start at 9am. Looking forward to see you tomorrow." message received at 18.52pm

That was odd said Rob to himself. On a Saturday? and could it be that fast? Oh well, he said. He got nothing to lose by going anyway. So after that good news he spent most of his days till dinner with his lovely friends. One thought came to his mind, he needs to brush up on his software skills before the interview tomorrow. He is smart lad, with an IQ of Einstein (I warned you this story will be exaggerated..hehe) after loitering with his friends that night he started to pour himself inside the WWW and looked up everything he needed on TM & PY, t-codes, configuration procedures and steps, configure codes and etc. It took him two hours to study this stuff until he gave in to master bed at 4.00am.

On Sunday Morning...
Rob didn't slept well that night, he slept about 45 minutes and woke up feeling scared and his nervous system is making him sweat like facing a mad bull. He opened up the notes again to study a little bit more before he got ready for the interview.

At 5.30am, he took his towel and went in to the bathroom. Half an hour he spent in that box shape room to prepare himself. After taking the coldest shower in his life, got back in his room and took out a fine blue color shirt from the wardrobe. The tag perfectly says "Ralph Lauren". Silky and expensive look for today's event. Then he moved to the drawer and took out his custom made gold cuff-link with his initial "RT" in silver.

He moved back to the wardrobe and opened it, ironed black, blue, and brown slacks are ready for his disposal. He took the one in blue to match his light colored blue shirt. The materials were made of silk and smooth surface touches his skin. The feel of pride and magnifique rushes through his veins. He felt like he was winning the battle already before it even started.

Outside, his black Harley-Davidson VRSCDX Night Rod Special was waiting for him. With a slight touch on the start button, the engine roars in the cold Sunday morning. His watch showed it was half past seven. He then went back inside, opened up another drawer and all of his silk ties was staring up at him. Made of finest silk from China (exactly took up 50 caterpillar to made his blue and silver line tie) he took and wear them to finished his exquisite look for the interview.

Sharp at 8.00am, the Harley sped up through the neighborhood leaving back dust and debris on the road and Rob ride to Hilton Sentral. By 8.15am he arrived at the hotel lobby. Signaling to the valet to park his Harley.

Entered the hotel lobby with his elegance and strode away with medium steps to the concierge.

"Good morning fine sir. How may I help you this morning?" said a fine looking woman at the concierge.

"Well you can certainly help me. I have an interview session with *&^%# and where is it? and add your phone number to that. Thanks." said Rob.

"The interview is on the 6th Floor, Central Conference Room and here you go sir." the woman said and slide Rob a piece of paper.

His Bvlgari Diagono Professional Aria watch showed it was already twenty minutes past eight. He needs to pick at the pace to give a good impression to the interviewer. By the time he stepped out of the elevator door the interviewer was already waiting for him.

"Good morning Mr. Thomas, you arrived half an hour early? I am impressed. Have you had your breakfast yet? Come and join me." said the interviewer.

"Well, I have always made "Time is precious for me, and time is gold for you sir" as my motto. Never disappoint the other party by not be there on time. Because to you everything is money and to respect that I am early today and forever will be. I haven't and certainly it would be my pleasure." said Rob.

"So Mr. Thomas, tell me about yourself, what is your past experiences? and if you don't mind, I'll be conducting the interview here." said Mr. Langley the interviewer.

"Sure. I am very delighted. I have a Master, bachelors degree and diploma in &%#*@. Spent about 7 years on my education. During that time I busied myself with curricular activities and the best time spent during my tenure in the student council. I have 2 years working experience in a well owned companies and another 2 years of unofficial experiences while I was taking my Master's. Most of the experience is in software *&%$# and enhancement." said Rob.

"I see. I know that you are a dedicated man. I will take that into consideration and why is that you are applying for this particular position? The advertised position clearly states that we need people with 5 years experience and your CV shows that you have 3 years. Furthermore what you did was inadequate to the position applied." said Mr. Langley.

"Well sir. The experiences I have to the particular position applied only a mere of 3 years but during that time the business processes I have successfully studied and very confident about it. It is time for me to get into it. And I have ample time to learn and acquire the knowledge even though no in-depth experience on the hands-on but I am capable of performing the task and it will be a step higher from my current position. It is the best way for anyone to move a step up on his or her career ladder." answered Rob.

"As I can see here on your CV, you have a really in-depth experience on software &*%#$. We have a vacant position in that area. It is what we called Global Software &*#$% Specialist. And we need someone like you in that team. After due consideration I think you can perform well in that department. Or do you still considering to join our Global Solution department?" asked Mr. Langley.

"That is a tough choice ain't it. I didn't know there is the Global Software *&%#$  Specialist in vacancy. I am really interested in joining the Global Solution department but since there is a new opportunity that is related more closely with my experience. I would gladly be applying for that. Is there a good career development in that area Mr. Langley?" asked Rob.

"Of course there is. And I am happy to hear you are considering to applied for the Global Software &*$%# Specialist. I will not be interviewing you on that but what I can say now is that I am very pleasant in seeing  you in the future. About the career development, since the Global Solution is still on the development stage, we will send people from GSQS to training. The boss is in the States. Most probably the training will be there and if you are hired you will be communicating with him in the States. I think I have all the information I needed. Thanks again for coming on short notice. Come. Lets eat." said Mr. Langley.

The interview ended with a Bang! Rob was certainly terrified at first but now he was really relief. 2 - 3 weeks the company will send notifications on the successful candidates to fill in the vacant positions. For that short period of time, his mind was calculating the possibilities whether he is going to be successful or not. Now everything to him is in fate's hand. In God he Trust.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

3 Men & A Baby

 Another photo I wanted to share with you guys /gals..Since that I have all the time in the world nowadays..Why don't I fill it with these kind of hobbies. Like editing photos, brushed up my skill using photoshop, look around for other editing tools and learn more on how to take GREAT pictures..

You guys still remember the movie 3 Men and A Baby? Well this can be the Malaysian version..Hehe..Nolah..Just kidding..All the 3 male models up there are my close friends..the one at the right with the crossing arms is the father to the kid..The other 2 are the babysitters..One in the middle prepare the milk and the one on the left change diapers..Haha..

Just to share this splendid memory..Enjoy!!!

Another Try on Baby Nia

Once more..I experimented on the pictures of Baby Nia..hehe..I am supposed to be studying on Time Management & Payroll but editing pictures consume me..So this is the end result..OK?? Still so and so ekk??
Got to try more harder..Till next time..Hehe..Got to study now at 7.15am..Got 1 more hour to go..Chaiyoookkk!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Baby Nia

To Mr. Fahmi & Mrs. Nany,

I used your daughter's picture to create this photo. Nak mengasah skill edit gambar..Hehe..Boleh ehh??No royalty or "Wang Ehsan" will be paid to you guys..Just for fun...Sebab gambar Baby Nia yang ni macam COMEL sikit..hehe

Thank You..

Yeay!!! I know how create pictures like this..OK! Now can move on to my next ART project..hehe..

Thursday, November 5, 2009

3 Months Anniversary

Has it been 3 months already? Man how time fly..

I have been jobless for 3 months now..after graduate pun it didn't took me this long to find a job..Malaysia still in the credit crunch ke? I thought every part of the world are reviving..*Dang

No matter, No matter..In God I Trust!!!
Anyone reading got job? Hehe..

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cuit-Cuit v.07 [Check on Immigration Blacklist]

Do you take PTPTN?
Have you paid your PTPTN lately?
Do you know if you didn't pay yet you are amongst the lucky ones to be blacklisted by the Immigration Department?
You want to check your name?

Here are the steps:
  • Go to
  • Then browse until you see Check on Important Info
  • Click on the Check on Immigration Blacklist
  • Pop-up Window will show you this screen:

  • Enter you NEW Identification Card number and click on the button "Semak"
  • Your result screen:

My result is clear. I am still not in the blacklist yet!!!Yeaaahaaaaa!!! I am safe for now..*Dang

Need to pay sooner or later..

PS: Someone requested me to just put the link. Here you go!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cuit-Cuit v.06 [Buy a Home on the Moon?]

*click on the image to view in large size..
Hahaha..Crazy siot kalau macam nih...Itulah sekarang ni macam-macam ada...

So anyone interested in buying a land on the moon??

They are targeting 2015 people are going to have a comfy home with a fireplace...So come on people? Pick your SPOT!!!


Good Location (not in a BAD neighbourhood)

Live among the STARS (reportedly Brad & Angelina is going to be there, Obama's have confirm to live beside Will Smith..So what are you waiting for...)

Kempen: Jadikan Bulan sebagai Planet No.2 anda!!!

To Do List for this Week

  1. To finish reading Jeffery Archer - Path of Glory
  2. To finish reading Dan Brown - Digital Fortress
  3. Renew "My Jalang" road tax & insurance (Note: 13 November 2009)
  4. Write review for the 2 books
My mission for this week. Hope all will run SMOOTHLY.

If got some more additional things to do..Will be added accordingly.. 


Cerita add-on..

Yes, road tax and insurance sudah renewed..This Thursday or Friday siap..Gosh!I had to pay RM401.00 for the insurance & road tax..Now I am officially BROKE!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

PAPAN NOTIS! [Blog Re-Design 2009 Completed]

Hoorayyyyy...I have successfully Re-Design my Blog page...thanks to the people that created this template...It is GREAT!!! my page can be access by anyone...anyone can view, read, and even leave a comment for my posts without registering first...Ok kan?? So why not you guys/gals just leave me a comment once in a while...comment about anythinglah k??

Another thing would be there is no more C-box for your is much nicer (sebenarnya ada komplikasi nak letak balik C-box tuh...but for C-box...).

Now we have the Chat Box everyone..hehe..

So PEOPLE...enjoy with the NEW FACE LIFT...