Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Slow August

August. August. August. Supposed to be a good month because Ramadhan in it. But to me it has been a disaster. Not well planned. Not well organized. I don't know if I even hurt anyone along the way this month. I think I did. For that I beg your forgiveness. I have become sloppy, sleepy and sadly annoying. Hate being that guy. To much to think but little time for action.

This month I have been sick twice. I have been mad to a few people and just wanted to punch them in the face. Urghhh!!!Work is a disaster!!!Seriously!!!A Disaster!Today I think there is a another problem will arise. I have tried to distance but this funny little heart started becoming anoying. Sorry babe!It's not intentional. BTW I moved to a new house. I will update later. What else?Hmm..heart issue?Nope.Everything is Okay (Please stop being annoying).

OKlah..Selamat Hari Raya

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Iftar by The Roadside

Yes. This would be my first time Iftar by the roadside. It was amazing actually. I don't anyhting much but admiring the cars passing by. So the stories goes that I supposed to go to my sister's house in Cheras for Iftar to celebrate my brother's birthday yesterday.

As I was about to leave my apartment, my android phone rang (I need to stressed on this because I wanted too.LOL) and it was Azriq on the other line. So he was saying that his motorbike jam and cannot move. So I told him to wait I'll be arriving in a short while. It was 6.30pm then and by the time I reached to Jalan Kuching and by the road side where he stood it was 6.50pm.

I suggested to him to send his wife back first and come back and see what we can do to the bike. The wife has been good enough to prepare us with a few kuih for Iftar. I guess it was enough for me (as I am on a strick diet..muahahaha). So Azriq came back in the niche of time at 7.27pm and it was time for Iftar. We had the kuih and drinks and waited about 15 minutes before trying to start the motorbike again.

Voila!No problem!Succeeded to start the motorbike and off we go to the nearest motor shop. I don't think I need to explain what's wrong with the motor bike when I know most of you wouldn't care less. Even I don't care. So it took about an hour to fixed it and we are off again to his MIL home. His wife again has been great enough to served us with the foods and drink. And this time I know I am hungry, I guess I needed rice even in a small portion to accomodate my empty stomach. I was forced (LOL) to take a second serving.

After that we went out for dessert, and I have not been to Rasta for ages. Really for ages. I think the last time I was there was the day after my father's funeral. That was 2 years ago. Woah!LOL. I think. So correct me if I am wrong right? We had fries and we had brownies with ice cream (I don't know right now while I am typing this I feel the urge to have a chocolate cake...nyumeh!I hope someone reading this would be so kind to bake me one).

OK the end...the moral of the story is "When you want a chocolate cake you really need them badly"

Monday, August 15, 2011

PAPAN NOTIS! [Birthday Shoutout August 2011]

Happy Greetings on this lovely August month. A shout out for those who celebrated their birthdays this August. I know there is a lot of you out there that celebrating your birthday this month and I wished for you too. Now I am wishing to those close to me...

A shout out to ~
Abang Boy
Kiyai aka Fazrul

Did I missed out anyone?Hope not..Have an Auspicious Day everyone!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kami Berpaksikan Bumi Bercahaya

Apakah yang dimaksudkan dengan "Divide & Rule"? Suatu frasa yang telah dilaungkan oleh pihak British untuk memecah belahkan umat Islam dinegara kita. Adakah perkara ini benar? Adakah sepatutnya British dipersalahkan dalam perkara ini? Janganlah kita mula menuding jari dengan menyalahkan pihak British atau institusi di-Raja tetapi sepatutnya diri kita sendiri. Pemimpin politik kita pada suatu ketika dahulu merupakan mereka yang bijak berpolitik tetapi sayang sekali mereka tidak bijaksana dalam berpolitik secara Islam.

Umat Islam negara ini hanya sibuk untuk berpolitik yang akhirnya memecah belahkan umat Islam itu sendiri. Tidakkah mereka sedar dengan berpolitik secara membuta tuli mengakibatkan generasi terkini menanggung kesengsaraan?Sudah terbukti kini yang umat Islam di negara ditindas secara halus. Setiap pergerakkan and perbuatan umat Islam terbatas dengan laungan "Ini tidak adil". Kesedaran di dalam pemimpin politik negara pada ketika ini masih jauh kebelakang. Kerana apa? 3 sebab kenapa kita umat Islam masih lemah. "Harta, takhta dan wanita". Kita telah disogokkan dengan 3 benda ini yang menjadikan kita umat yang lemah. Lupakah kita dengan ketemadunan Madinah?

Rasulullah SAW sudah menunjuk ajar kita bagaimana untuk membina sebuah negara. Apakah perkara asas yang telah ditunjukkan oleh baginda Rasulullah SAW? Pertama adalah mengadakan hubungan atau lebih tepat lagi menghubungkan silaturahim diantara penduduk Islam Mekah dan kaum Aus dan Khazraj melalui "Ikrar 'Aqaba". Kemudian baginda Rasulullah SAW mempersaudarakan kaum Muhajirin dan Ansar. Jadi apakah tindakkan yang paling tepat untuk umat Islam dinegara ini untuk memperkuatkan lagi kesaudaraan mereka diantara satu sama lain? Ya, pertama dengan mengeratkan kembali hubungan silaturahim.

Perkara kedua yang Rasulullah SAW lakukan adalah memperkasakan ekonomi umat Islam di Madinah. Bukankah begitu? Baginda Rasulullah SAW telah mengarahkan umat Islam ketika itu yang berharta supaya membeli dari kaum Yaudi telaga air supaya dapat diberikan kepada umat Islam secara percuma dan melumpuhkan ekonomi kaum Yahudi. Tetapi umat Islam di negara kita sejak dari zaman kemerdekaan sehinggalah sekarang terlalu memikirkan tentang politik semata-mata. Apakah kita umat Islam dinegara ini merupakan penggerak utama ekonomi? Tidak. Realitinya tidak. Kita hanyalah kuli dan hamba versi abad ini. Perkara kedua tidak hadir dalam sistem kepimpinan umat Islam dinegara kita.

Perkara ketiga barulah baginda Rasulullah SAW berpolitik berteraskan Al-Quran. Baginda Rasulullah menyebarkan agama Islam dengan lebih meluas dan mempertahankan agama Islam. Menyusun atur kekuatan umat Islam dalam rupa rohani dan jasmani. Itu merupakan titik permulaan perkembangan Islam setelah dua perkara utama dilakasanakan iaitu menghubungkan silaturahim dan memperkasakan ekonomi. Di negara kita apa yang kita pentingkan adalah politik. Ia tidak lengkap selagi mana dua perkara utama tidak dilaksanakan. Marilah kita mulakan perubahan dengan segera mengikut Sunnah baginda Rasulullah SAW barulah kita umat Islam dinegara ini tidak ditindas lagi. Insyallah.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ramadhan 2011

This year Ramadhan started slow for me. What do you mean by slow? Slow meaning that I don't spend a lot, most of the time I have my Iftar at home. Perform my duties diligently (I don't know if I am using the right word). I tried not to go and have my Iftar outside. Why don't you? Heck!During Ramadhan all the best foods are out there. Promotions over promotions. Buffet lines are scattered all over the city? I have a simple answer to this. This is not right. Or this is not the best way. I am changing my style this year to be more cost effective. By the way I am starting to save this Ramadhan. How much can you save? Well for now, I am saving RM1k - RM2k. Hey!What are you saving for?Well, emm. Hmm. I shall not write this now but maybe later perhaps. For future use ad I hope I can make it and need someone to monitor this for me. *wink

I wish you all the best this Ramadhan. Lets make this Ramadhan as if this is the last Ramadhan we going to meet. Lets perform our ibadat as if today is our last day. Lets pay all of our debt to our family, friends and society as if this is the last chance to pay. Lets pay all of our zakat as if the angel Izrail is on our doorstep. Remember to tell this to all your love ones because when we meet the all Mighty, Allah will ask us this. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

PAPAN NOTIS! [Ramadhan Shoutout 2011]

Ahlan Wasahlan Ya Ramadhan...
May this year Ramadhan will be even better than last year.
May Allah forgive us and blessed us and accept our fast this year. Insyallah.
Let's give a wonderful performance in this year Ramadhan like there is no next year.