Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sesi TT ~ Souvenirs from Far, Far Away

My friend went to Europe and bought me this..A t-shirt from Rome and a key-chain from Paris (I think..hehe..). Thanks! to dearest friend Azzuar and his wife Zue..

My friend went to the United States and bought me this t-shirt..Love and really appreciate it..Thanks! to Ben and his wife Zaza..
Loves all the free t-shirts and key-chain from you guys...Thank you again!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Taman Tasik Perdana


Mendapat idea/ilham untuk berjalan-jalan di waktu petang hari di Taman Tasik Perdana daripada Kak Hasnor..Terima Kasih kerana share pengalaman anda..hehe..

So Sabtu lepas dalam 6.30pm kami tiba di destinasi..Sebenarnya agak lambat tiba sana jadi tak dapatlah nak explore tempat-tempat cun..Hehe..Ini adalah proses asimilasi untuk berkecimpung (cewah..ayat tak mau kalah) dalam hobi untuk menjadi photographer yang sukses (iyeke nih??)..

Welcome To Taman Tasik Perdana...

 Pasangan sedang bergembira..Macam sweeeeettttlah jugakkan...
I think this is called a DUCK!!!hehe..

I like the colors of the Skyline..Soothing..1st pic..before Maghrib..2nd pic Maghrib has arrive..

Gazebosssssss...Agaknyala kot..
OK! Cukup sudah pic for today..rasa macam nak gi lagi..banyak nak kena belajar nih..Kena tukar camera lebih mahal sikitlah pasni..Erkkk!!!hehe..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Parti Ansar Parti Muhajirin

What's with the parties nowadays?

Are you too GREAT to embrace Islam as your foundation in governing? Why Islam is not good enough for you? Aren't we a nation that is free from the ruling of another nation?

You said, I said, We said, They said..This is where the root of all problems arises..Agree? Why not you people with your Diploma's, Degree's, Bachelor's, Master's and PhD's (referring to politicians) that is destroying the country I live in. Please start your conversation with "Islam said". MasyaALLAH..Beautiful.

Have you ever heard during the prophet Muhammad S.A.W reign and govern Madinah used Parti Muhajirin or Parti Ansar to win any election? No. Stop using parties as a tool to make idiotic statements. Learn from these era as it is the perfect model. Yes it is HARD. Have you tried it? NO! A big N-O. How during these times they manage to govern a GREAT Civilization? They back then have a mutual understanding (in Malaysia known as Social Contract). Does that mean we cannot follow the way they do it back then?

What's up with the name 'Allah' used by Christians? Aren't you Christians known to have your Lord's Name as Jehova? or is this as a name to be translated into Malay? Come on, after so many years, decades you are happy with the way you were and now you provoking the Muslims? Where is the sense in that? Think back. We the Malaysians have a mutual understanding to respect every race and religion. Islam never ask for other religion to be demolish but respect one and another.

Back to parties, why this so called professional politician kept on babbling, mumbling on something that doesn't make sense? Stop "Politiking" and do as you are told for the people. Improved our public transport, clean up the street from drugs and street racing. Stop this concert nonsense. You topple a party, the next one is it going to be GOOD? No. Hell NO! Why? Because politician only knows how to talk, either from their mouth or asses. Ask them to work they probably say something like:

"How much will I get?"
"What is in it for me?"
"Do you have a second hand train?"

I am not naming parties, I am expressing as for all parties in Malaysia. You POLITICIANS only know how to talk. Give us a chance to prove that we can govern better than the previous government. That's the statement. Oh sure, we will ensure that everyone (in my family) will get benefit. You get what I am trying to say here?

Enough of me bragging here today..It is just I am so SICK at the way these parties acted. Come on guys, get back to basic..ISLAM.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pannaz: All Western Treat

Before New Year 2010..We went to Pannaz for dinner..and that night is all about Western!!!

Drinks from left to right: B.O.S. (RM 8.90), Blue Lychee (RM8.90), Iced Longan (RM3.50), Freezy Ribena Longan (RM8.90)

TAPAS anyone?

Crispy Prawn Tapas - Exquisite but if your group is big..Kindly ask for two plates..The price for a plate is RM9.00..

What WE ate that night?
Price??? (RM32.00)

Price??? (RM17.90)
If you have the heart of a Lion, You managed to finish it..but if you are WEAK???Share it..hehe..

Price??? (RM17.90)

Price??? (RM8.00)
This dessert is RECOMMENDED..I like this very much..

Price??? (RM8.00)

The foods & beverages @ Pannaz served with a smile..the services are GREAT!!! So guys/gals..Hop In to Pannaz..

Saturday, January 9, 2010

PAPAN NOTIS! [I am Sorry]

I don't know if my words in the previous entry titled Nothing to Look Forward have raised eyebrows for some people..but in my defense..I need to sort it out and give clear meaningful insight of what I belief did happened.

For one, I let it all out so you guys/gals out there knows what I felt last year. This blog is one of the means I used to express myself..

A note to fellow readers, I am not blaming people around me, the circle of my life like my family, friends and Maria included..You all have done so much and I really appreciated it..It has been helpful and very thankful for that..

I blame people outside the circle and most importantly myself for being such a BUMP!!!OK??? I should apologizes for the people in my circle of life if they get mad or really angry with my remarks..I am guys/gals I never blamed..

So to clarify things and I don't one anyone that is close to me and always have a special place in my heart get offended..In order for me to get my life straight I need to let it out..If the words I used are harsh-ed it doesn't mean I hate you..It is a step for me to move forward.. So guide me, help me with the transition..

Again I apologized for all the mistakes and problems cause..Hope you guys/gals forgive me..

Love you all...


Sunday, January 3, 2010

PAPAN NOTIS! [Masters Programme]

Hi Readers,

I am not providing info's here but I really need some info's. Who knows which university offers a GOOD master's programme? I am currently searching for Masters in Business Administration. Can you help me with suggestion, fees, how many subjects, how much and etc..

Just leave at the comment on the info's. Really appreciate it.

Thanks in Advance.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Nothing To Look Forward

Hye All..

1st entry of 2010..I got nothing much to 2009 past..I'm not looking forward for 2010..

This year I can called it as a "SAD YEAR".. I lost my father..I lost a father last year.. and sad part is I didn't even wished him happy birthday that is a week before he died! It's like it didn't crossed my mind.. I didn't see him for the last time because I was on my way from Brunei.. Dad, everyday I prayed for you that God forgive you and take care of you as you did took care of me from I was little.

The sadness doesn't end there..I decided to resign and did not signed for a new contract term for another year with I feel it was not a win - win offer..I stepped up..make a is time to leave..and I did..from that moment..chain of events started to unfold and crumble at my feet.

My girlfriend back then left me. I was so devastated. It wasn't a pretty breakup.. It made my life miserable.. You have no job! Your girlfriend left you! You were being humiliated! Down graded! All of it came tumbling at the same time.. I really feel like I am a nobody.. You know the feeling? I thought at that time a person should help one another and does not left you drowning to be DEAD!!! Is this a reflection of my past? What you did and God repeat it to you in near future? Yes, that's how it goes..

The sadness does not stop there..Our family lost another member..Our aunt..I have written an entry for her..

So now you know why I am NOT looking forward for 2010..No one cares for me! Don't even bother how I felt! I have to take care of everybody's else feelings..What about mine? You care? NO!!! I am back all alone..I have God to talked too..I wished that people who treats people with disrespect shall get punished and Ohhhhh! How I wished I can shoot them with a GUN!

This entry does not point fingers to the people around me..You guys have been GREAT!!! and Maria you have been GREAT too! I want to let it out so that everything in the past shall be known for future understandings..

I wished all of you all the best in your future undertakings..and Good Luck!!!