Friday, October 30, 2009

Sunset @ Seria

Tiba-tiba pulak ada Label baru bertajuk my art of photography...takpela...biar apa pun orang nak kata...well maybe this is the first...the picture was taken when I was in Seria, Brunei...a day after my accident over there...I like the view and the serenity here...its it!!!

This is not the first...the poster should be the first one...hehe..

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Yeeeeehaaaaa...My 1st ever poster...I did it myself (dengan bantuan Masterji Photoshop Iman..*wink...hehe)

Dah lama I didn't do something like this...Walaupun the poster takdalah cantik or menarik mana kan...tapi kire okaylah on my 1st try...Blog are NEXT!!!Hahaha...


Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Restaurant: Pannaz
Location : @ Damansara Perdana
Served : Local Delights, Western and Eastern foods

The food here is GREAT!!! Yesterday was my second time there. The first time I went there I had the Meat Platter and Aglio Olio...before Aglio Olio was not that tasty compared to yesterday's meal. Nyum! Nyum!

Yesterday I had the Spaghetti with Lamb Meatball. Not bad I assured you.Not bad at all. It tasted more like Malaysian cuisine compared to Italian style with a lot of tomato sauce. It is also a bid spicy...I loike!!!

Nas and Ana had the Fettuccine Carbonara and Aglio Olio. The Carbonara was excellent, it was also tasty and the Aglio Olio compared to the last time I ate there, this time is way better. I loike it again...So far so good ehh???

Kiyai had the Nyonya Fried Rice, the rice was GOOD. It tasted like Serai and Bunga Kantan mixed together...again I loike it!!!Hee...The chicken was also nice...No doubt about it...But if you guys from Pannaz read this..please make sure your keropok tak lemau OK??yesterday the keropok lemau giler...So take note on that...

With the choice of Iced Longan the foods are PERFECT!!!

Overall I rate this place 5 STAR for my kind of food...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sesi TT ~ My Friend went to London...

The t-shirt says it the way THANKS A LOT Azhari...although kalau kau tak tercicirkan baju Arsenal itu lebih afdal...hehe...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Subak Restaurant

Subak Restaurant

Gado-Gado for Appetiatizer

Tom Yam

Prawns...I want to say masak sambal...not sure

Fish...again I don't know masak apa...hehe..sorry

Mix Vege

Calamari Rings with Fried Potato

The end result after mixed together in a plate...Nyum!!!...hehe

The Occasion: Auntie Ros's Birthday
Location: Subak Restaurant

The foods was NICE...the portion was small and luckily I sat with people that doesn't eat much..hehe..

I like the prawns, the fish and the calamari rings...these are the NICEST ONES...the Tom Yam was a bit weird...I have taste better...This was the Hidang Set...I don't what is the total price but I tell you it's pretty expensive...I think for special occasion like your wife/husband/gf/bf birthday and just the 2 of you worth going here...It's kind of a romantic place to be...Inside a forest..hehe..

Well..I rate this place 4 STAR...

Restaurant Address:
Lot 3213 Jalan Penchala Indah
Bukit Lanjan 60000
Kuala Lumpur

From DU/BU on the LDP towards Kepong (Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong)
  • Drive past One Utama on your left and Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) on your right heading towards Kepong.
  • Take the exit towards Damansara Perdana after passing Ikea on the left.
  • At the traffic lights at the bottom of the slope, turn right into the LDP tunnel and keep to the left towards Kg Sg Penchala.
  • Go straight until you meet a T-junction.
  • Turn left and go straight for approximately 500 meters past some small shops and car workshops.
  • Turn right onto Jalan Bukit Lanjan 2 and drive to the end of the road and you will meet Jalan Penchala Indah.
  • Turn left and Subak is 150 meters on your right.

From the Penchala Link (via Jalan Duta)
  • After exiting the Penchala Link tunnel from KL, take the TTDI exit and turn right at the traffic lights under the flyover onto Jln Datuk Sulaiman.
  • Go straight into Kg Sg Penchala until you reach a T-junction where you’ll see the yellow coloured Masjid Jamek Sg Penchala.
  • Turn left onto Jln Sg Penchala and go straight for 100 meters until you reach one set of traffic lights.
  • Turn right onto Jalan Sri Penchala / Jalan Penchala Indah and go down this road for about 1km.
  • After a final sweeping corner, Subak is on your right

From LDP Sri Damansara Toll (Bandar Sri Damansara, Desa Park City , Kepong etc)
  • After the Sri Damansara Toll, keep left and take the first left exit into Bukit Lanjan.
  • Turn left at the T-junction and go straight passing a tunnel on the left.
  • Turn at the first right junction into Jalan Penchala Indah
  • Subak is about 200 meters on your left

*Parking available at the side of the road.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Lost Symbol

Thanks to Pn. Nany to lend me this fascinating book about the Freemasons (Dan Brown has the niche to wrote this kind of stuff).

The title of this book as you can read is call "The Lost Symbol" and the author is Dan Brown (famously known for the other 2 books Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons both books have been adapted into a Movie.)

So the story goes...
Robert Langdon(he has always been the main character for Dan Brown) is the best Symbologist that ever walked in Dan Brown's fictional world were brought to Washington D.C to give a lecture for one event. One thing let to another the adventure begins and so on and so forth...

Like previous books that Dan Brown has published, for instance Angels & Demons it revolved around Rome, Christianity, Illuminati as the main conspirator, with puzzles and maps and clues which demonstrate the powerful mind and imagination by Dan Brown on secret societies. Although it is fictional (from my side) but he was able to take all kind of things and made it quite real. It's awesome.

Another book the Da Vinci Code, which concentrate more on the society called the Priory of Sion (or Knights Templar) took place in Paris and UK, he was able to combined these sorts of things from the secret societies, historical places, time & date, events, peoples (famous ones indeed), arts, pictures, symbols, religions, myths, corporations, companies, association and more to become a one exciting and adventures story.

The plot, the storyline, the characters were absolutely fantastic. He has the gift of the awesomeness to write these kind of stories. For the Lost Symbols, it revolves around the secret society called the Freemasons and all these adventures took place in Washington D.C. He can recreate the history within these walls in D.C, from the Capitol Hill, to the White House,Jefferson Memorial(where the Freemasons ritual took place), Lincon Memorial, Washington Monument, I mean all of it have the connection with Freemasons.

Although in the book he stressed out more on Christianity to the extend of Christianity, Judaism and Islam are the same which I disagree but he manage to make sense to things around us. He also stressed out that the most powerful wisdom in the world was the word GOD!Allah Al-Mighty(he did not say this but I do).

So I recommend that you guys/gals read this book. This is a GOOD one. Be patient when reading, if you feel that you are lost while reading, Google it. It will make sense. Just read it for leisure and do not believe 100% that every word is true. Read it for the sake of the information, historical facts, legends, etc..its kind of fun knowing all these things.


PAPAN NOTIS! [Blog Re-Design 2009]

I think I want to redesign my Blog Page...

What do you think?

Should I?

Since I have time in my hands now...

I think I should...


Not like a fancy kindlah...just a simple and nice one should do.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I know You Know???

Its late...the time now 1.38am Thursday morning...A few minutes ago suddenly I felt so happy...really...I really am happy...but only for that 1 minute and 11 seconds...but happiness doesn't last for long I guess...hmm...

I wished, I prayed like everyday I become more happier, more merrier, more cheerful, and more and more and more...but I guess a total and absolute happiness for me is not now...God have more brilliant plans for me...right now the possible thing I could do is to wait patiently for that time to come...

Lately...I have nothing to look forward too...what's wrong ekk???I wished that I can do something with myself...but I become more restless, more down, more annoyed with simplest thing...I am more angry with myself...Silly ME!!!

No need to bla..bla..more further...going to bed...Bonne Nuit!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Not Much

Not much has happen after raya...*Dang..

I thought there should be some good news..but Nadda!!!

Aktiviti Hari Ini:
Bangun. Kemudian eat lunch. Mandi & solat. Keluar pergi basuh motor. Pergi bank. Balik tengok Heroes. and right now tengah memasukkan entry di dalam blog.

Gilalah. Ini dah tahap bosan dewa peringkat langit terbelah di ufuk barat...Pergh!!!Berapa lama lagi harus dinanti...Sehari boleh layan 1 season of FRIENDS...cubalah teka dah berapa banyak kali khatam cerita FRIENDS. Hee...

Ingat tomorrow morning nak start JOG lah...kalau terdayalah...hahaha hairstylist dulu ada buka saloon in TTDi but now dia jadi Secretary for Nurul Izzah...secretary for MP...Good Job Winston!!!hehe...

Ohh well, dah tak tau nak kata apa dah...So I'm off to Binjai pekena Teh Ais & Roti Telur garing...Mantap Beb!!!Chiao!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


OK!The tagline for this movie is at the poster... Willis ehh...not bad for an old guy for this movie...well its an OK movielah...nothing special..everyone is a Robot!!!So they can do anything they want...bla..bla..bla..

The plot was simple to understand..the storyline was normal..even a six years old can figure out the movie by themselves...*six years old nowadays are so smart..they even know whats going to happen next...hahaha...

So the story goes like...these people in the future uses android, robots or whatever you like to call become them...rather than you be yourself when you are can use these robots to become you...the scientist has learned that your mind can be use to control this kind of things...heyyy..they even show how robots take CRACK!!!hahaha...funneyy...but not so...

To sum it up...the movie was not that was face pace..there is action...and it does not involve any beautiful actresses..haha

*so I give the movie 3 POPCORN...for the sake of Bruce Willis..hehe

Monday, October 19, 2009

Is this me?I wonder!!!

Dear Me,

This profiles provide for you a glimpse of your personality-based inclinations towards the job-specific excellence benchmarks in Corporations. Corporate leaders at all levels exhibit five sets of traits classified under the acronym PEAKS.

(P) Purpose
(E) Energy
(A) Affirmation
(K) Knowledge
(S) Sustainability

Top performing staff in progressive corporations exhibit a compelling Purpose, dynamic Energy, uplifting Affirmation to others, visionary or futuristic orientation to Knowledge & robust Sustainability.

Here's a glimpse of your Personality-Driven Potential related to:

You are the kind of person who gets the job done!
You're competent, self- disciplined, industrious and possess a high potential to make things happen.
You generally feel confident and prepared in the work you set your mind to do.
You are highly organized and meticulous, preferring order over chaos.
You are capable of covering priorities at work, but may have a tendency to over-commit at times You have a big appetite for success and recognition, one who would go the extra mile to fulfill your dreams.
You are extremely capable of disciplining yourself to cope in varied work environments and conforming to multifarious job fits.

Compared to the masses of people who score on Purpose, you are unusually competent, a go-getter who stops at nothing to achieve your goals. You represent the top 7% of test takers in the world who have this unique combination of personality characteristics.

*im not sure what does this tells me..blankness!!!YIKESS!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Have You Seen My Happy Face?

Chad: Hey Joe!Have you seen my happy face anywhere?

Joe: Yeah. About 2 months ago you threw it in the trash can. And the garbage truck took it to Never.Neverland.

Chad:Oh dear.

Joe: So what's up with you?

Chad: Up?I have been frowning ever since. Sighh!

So the moral of the story...How unhappy you have been all this while. Keep the smile cause you need it in the future.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Still No Luck!!!

This entry is about the job hunting...

I still have no luck in getting for a new job...I should have just go to London last week and stay there...even I have to wash plates, clean toilets, pick apples...I am not looking forward to stay here in is too much now...I can't bare the knives that kept poking under my feet...I need to go far away...Too much bad memories..Need to go out and clear this mind of mine...

After 4 unsuccessful interviews...countless headhunters...Big fortune 500 companies I've tried...still no luck...patients is running low...but still I can hope to God that there will be a good job coming soon..that is why God give me the job a bit late...Cause it's going to be a GREAT one...I hope, I pray..

*Sesi luahan hati...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Airshow Itself! last entry was about the pre-official Airshow of Thunderbirds..what is the difference???
Let me tell you the diff..the pre-official airshow was on is just for the VIPs I think..and we were not allowed to enter TUDM base. So the pictures I shot was outside the fence of the old Subang Airport..the coolest thing of watching from these side was that we were able to see them take off and land. Some of the pictures are cool though..haha..

The official Thunderbirds Airshow was on Saturday, 3rd of October 2009. The location is different now. The event was held at the TUDM air base itself..We can see they perform on top of us..No!and I say it proudly..No!Fence gets between us and the pilots...sorry the planes..hehe..It is much cooler here even we can't see them taking off.

The show was great. The noice was fantastic. The pilots were awesome.

To was a very tiring day...standing is a must for all the time we was there...I got sunburn...but it was worth it...It was GREAT!!!Can't wait for another airshow...Hooraa!!!Ok that cheer was for the Marines!Darn it!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Pre-Official Air Show at Subang Aiport 2009




Unofficially today ada airshow at the old Terminal 3 Subang Airport...I think our PM Najib officiate for the airshow today even though the event will start tomorrow on the 3rd of October...

This will be a part of my trips and activities label.

The pictures are just for the introduction because tomorrow I will be getting more pictures for you READERS!!! It was fun neighbor son's invited me to join along for today's event and I guess it was fun so I ask him if I could come along for tomorrow's show.

So today I woke up rather early at around 8am just to get ready because the show starts around 1030am. It ended about 1230pm. The details of the show I will tell you guys and gals at the next entry. Now is just to feast your eyes...I like this!!!

*to get a good look at the pictures in it's original size...Click at the pictures please...T.Q...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Postcard from London

I would love to send postcards from London, Paris or Rome to my families and friends...that has always been my wish...hahaha...Supposedly I have plans to go to all this places with my ex-office mate Azhari. We have been planning since June. I even bought the tickets. Here is the Itinerary:-

KL-London-Glasgow-London-Paris-Rome-Barcelona-Porto-London-KL...all of this for 2 weeks...Best kan??What a luck...I resign, I broke up and running out on my Brunei Dollars...hahaha

Well maybe someday I will go all that places with my love one. I really hope that will happen pretty soon...hehe...

Oh by the flight to London is tomorrow at 4.00pm KL time...hahaha