Sunday, July 31, 2011

PAPAN NOTIS! [New Born Shoutout July 2011]

Call Me "Don Malehmovic"


Because I got a Goddaughter now...Her name is Iman Nur Jannah.

A cute little girl that was born on the 26th of July 2011 to Ben & Zaza.
Praise to Allah for this wonderful gift to the parents Ben & Zaza.

Philea Resort & Spa

So this is the first away day for me with my new company. The company took us to Philea Resort & Spa. The place is so beautiful, nice and very relaxing. I don't need to speak more because the pictures will show how great it is.

i-City Shah Alam

Went to i-City Shah Alam. And ehhh..hmm..It is not suitable for people that its not married and without kids. It's like a rip-off for the single people. Well I just provide you with the pictures.

PAPAN NOTIS! [Birthday & Wedding Shoutout July 2011]

Shout Out to the July Babies!!!

Happy Birthday and May Allah blessed you.

Abang (Nazril), Shafiza, Azreen, Nas, Upai, Uncle Pes and others..

Also Congratulations on your Wedding day Mul

Friday, July 29, 2011

Harimau Malaya vs The Gunners

What a show?Yes, I can't believe it that I went to watch Arsenal match live. In front of thousands of fans. It was a memorable night. A bit of dissapointment when I look at how Malaysian side is playing. I know that this is just an exhibition but they should have fought well. The fact is they didn't. Arsenal was the better team. In the sense of controlling the ball, passing, sprint, I mean you name it. They are there. Can't wait for my next trip to UK (if permitted) and watched them live at the Emirates Stadium. Enjoy the photo collections and videos.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cuit-Cuit v.13 [The World According to Americans?]

No wonder they are not smatter than a fifth grader. Am I right?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Arsenal Training Session in Malaysia

On 12/7/2011 at 7.15pm the kick off for Arsenal Training session in Stadium Bukit Jalil. It was COOL to watch how they trained. They have 11 a side, set piece practice, penalty practice, free kick etc. It was even GREAT when Arsene Wenger went to the supporters and wave. I have a few pictures and videos but it is not that clear though. I am too lazy and tired to move to the below stand. Just enjoy what I have aight?

The Video Session...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Yes!Like the poster said. It all ends here. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. It was quite a finish. Why did I said that?Because it is good how David Yates sum it all up. So what is the second part is all about?

The final conclusion of the Harry Potter Saga is the story of finding the rest of the Horcruxes. Should I tell you the whole?No.No.No.Its either you read it yourself or go and the watch the movie yourselves. Right?

The cinematography are GREATLY done. The storyline even though it has some flaws but I take it as improvement. There is much to tell inside this final instalation but Dave didn't insert it. How about the CGI?Yes it was good. What about the drama?Less drama and Dave doesn't know how to interpret the book so it is less dramatic. But overall I found it amusing.

I rate it 3 POPCORNS..that's it..

Turtle Sanctuary Visit

On 9th July 2011, we departed from Kuantan to Kerteh around 2pm after lunch. I still had my headache at that time. So we rode the bus and all the way there I slept. Untill we reached Kemaman we stopped for coffee at the famous coffee shop there. I went to the pharmacy to buy some medicine and after a cup of iced coffee with the pills I was fine. I'll talked about the coffee shop in another entry.

The route to the turtle sanctuary is very treturous (I'm being over exxagerating on this)
As a part of the awareness program by the sanctuary, I will not provide the place because the management there don't want the public or tourist to come because this is a private place. So I will not be mentioning the name of the sanctuary.

So what kind of sanctuary is it? This is a turtle sanctuary visit.
Why do you need to go there? Our company funded this place along with Petronas to create an awareness towards the turtle. It is a good social responsibility by these 2 company.
Have you gain any knowledge when you were there? Yes, I have gather and gain so much knowledge on the visit to the turtle sanctuary. Previously I was so naive but now I am a knowledgeable person on turtles.
How does the place like? It was very basic. You have to live in long houses, share the bathroom and I even slept on the beach while waiting for the turtles to land. A few pictures to show you:
The Long House
Exhibition Hall
The Bathroom!
The Toilet!
The Shower Room!
The Bunkers!!!
Do you think that people will come there and ruin the sanctuary? Yes & No. If this place is made public, surely less and less turtles will turn up up and laid eggs here. The nature of turtles is that they are shy creatures. Ancient animals are shy animals thats why they are getting extinct. 

Now I'll continue to the activities we done there...
After Maghrib, the activities begin with a short  tour around the sanctuary and have a look at the baby hatchlings. The turtles are so damn cute Okay!Got pictures somewhere..hold on let me search for it..Ahhh!Here it is. Cute right?

Next it is time to free the baby turtles...I have a video for this. Hope you enjoy. is CUTE!
Then after the freedom session we went back to the long house to have our dinner. It is seafood BBQ again. Yummeh!We got fresh prawns, crabs, fishes, cuttlefish and squids. All the food served are fresh and I like the tamarind sauce very much. Yummeh!!!

There is not much activities while waiting for the turtle landings. So most of us talks about our project. See even when you are going on a vacation you still need to work. Am I right?or Am I right? There is 3 shift to round around the 7km strech of beach to look out for any turtle landings. But because of some misscommunication there is only 2 party. I am in the 2nd shift. By the way there is no telco service there. *wink

At around 11pm we were called on duty to survey the beach and so the journey began. We walked about 3 km and found nothing and waited about 1 and a half hours  before we decided to go back to the sanctuary. I even had a nap under the stars on the beach. It was COOL!!!COLD and GREAT. Nature is the best. On our way back we saw 2 tracks of turtle that just landed. So we were asked to be quite and wait for the turtle to lay its eggs.

Here is the video after the turtle laid it's eggs...

Should I continue more? Well there is another video when I put bcak the eggs inside the ground after the turtles laid its eggs. We need to buried back the eggs within 2 hours for the eggs to survive.

The next day activities is too dig back all the turtles shells that were born. There was about 250+turtles were hatch. We need to count back on how many were survived. Turtles will hatch about 60-65 days after it was laid. We also found I turtle that survived. We called it Razeman because he is the one that do the digging and save the turtle.