Monday, March 29, 2010

Ka'abah's Calling

It is getting more frequent these days when my thoughts wonder to the Holy Land of Mekah. The heat from the scorching desert felt on my skin. What does this mean? A chance to be there once again? Insyallah...Oh what a peaceful place to be...To perform the Tawaf in the middle of the day where the marble floors are really hot and you started twitching your feet..or during the middle of the night where your Ihram gave a little protection from the coldness of night? It's worth it to be there.

You never met him, no one from this time have ever met him..but being there, standing in front of his tomb..makes you love him so much and wish to meet him. You have missed him for  along time but you never met him. Oh how you are so special, our beloved prophet Muhammad S.A.W. Both Mekah and Madinah has always been special to everyone that already set foot there. You felt like living there.

Now I am dreaming of that place.  I am planning to go there by next year Insyallah, if not for Hajj, for Umrah would be sufficient. I want to repent, oh Mighty God Allah, for I have sin, and all my sins are haunting and taunting my mind, body and soul. Oh I wished to be at your holiest place and repent, paying back all of my Solat, my Fast, my Nazar..Oh Mighty God Allah, I am praying to Allah to send me back there. It is the place to be. I am praying to You, Ya Allah, if it is my destiny to be laid rest there I want to. This is my wish.

Been there in 1996..a lot of memories there with everyone..especially Allahyarham Jaffar Abdul Majid, Love my atuk so much..Missed him..

My Atuk

Thursday, March 25, 2010

One Year Has Passed

On the 26th of March 2009, Thursday morning at 9am, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Hussin departed from us to meet with his maker. Allah Al-Mighty.

One year ago, this father of mine left me without saying goodbye, I even didn't had the chanced to carry his body to the grave or even looked at his face for the last time as I was not around with him during his final moments. I didn't even get to say I am sorry.

I hope he is in a better place now. Praying for his safety and may Allah bless him. I can't say much now as of now while I am typing these words, tear drops kept falling. How I missed him and love him so much.

"Ya Allah, kau peliharalah, jagalah, ampunkahlah segala dosa Ayahanda ku ini seperti mana dia telah memelihara, menjaga dan memaafkan aku sejak dari kecil lagi"

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Surah Al-Baqarah Ayat 240

Dan orang-orang yang (hampir) mati di antara kamu serta meninggalkan isteri, hendaklah berwasiat untuk isteri-isteri mereka, iaitu diberi nafkah saguhati (makan, pakai dan tempat tinggal) hingga setahun lamanya, dengan tidak disuruh pindah dari tempat tinggalnya. Kemudian jika mereka keluar (dari tempat tinggalnya dengan kehendaknya sendiri) maka tidaklah kamu bersalah (wahai wali waris si mati) mengenai apa yang mereka (isteri-isteri itu) lakukan pada diri mereka dari perkara yang patut yang tidak dilarang Syarak) itu dan ingatlah, Allah Maha Kuasa, lagi Maha Bijaksana. - Surah Al-Baqarah Ayat 240.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Action Needed

Dear Readers,

Today has been very motivational for me to endure this uncertain life of ours..How is that so? OK! I have decided not to go to work again today because of my irateness towards that place. Urghhh! Each day it's coming on my nerve. How do I handle it?

Well..there is ones and most importantly Allah S.W.T..Do I going to make the right decision? is about making decision..You decide..and ask from God to show you the way..Insyallah you are going to be fine..but remember whatever you decide..there is going to be a challenge..You just need to endure the worst half of it..Once the worst has past..Wait for the rainbow to appear on the other side.

My plan has commence on the 1st of March 2010..It will go phase by phase..God willing I know I can do this..Let me introduce the next in line job I have pursuit.. I am officially going to say this out loud here..I am going to be your Savings+Investment+Protection Plan Agent (more significantly recognize as an Insurance Agent) Why this? It surely motivates me to interact with people, work hard and learn to survive without the privileged of our comfort zone.

In this business..If you don't work hard..You don't earned cash..When you don't earned cash..It resulted in depression..So this business will motivates me to move and be more active. I have said it..All I need from my friends and families are your support. If you are not interested it's OK..You have someone to introduce me too..Please..I need your help..

Well thats that..Other than that..It's not time yet..So just wait and see how does this brilliant plan of mine goes into action and effect your life and mine..Wish me good luck and I hope all the best from all of you..

Mission 2010

Dear Readers,

I have come to my senses and given the support from the people around me..I know I can do this..

So what's the Mission for 2010? This is not a new year resolution..It is more on personal accomplishment in my life..but what is it that I wanted to do? I shall give a few things to be achieve within this year..

First of...Jeng..Jeng..Jeng..Hehe..


I want to finish paying for "My Jalang" at least by June 2010..meaning I don't want to pay to Aeon for 2 years..It is a nightmare when you still owing other unnecessary things like personal loan..Urghhh!!!

Second stuff...What do you think???
Yes..payoff all of my credit cards's horrible to have this tempting much I owed is not important and not for the readers to know..but it is annoying..

Third stuff...

Yes..this bad boys...hahaha...I like to own them both..One for my stupid service provider Maxis..the other one for my Business (Yes..I am a business man now...Owning and will be owning a few businesses of my own..interested??Please give me a call..or leave me a message..hehe..this is serious..I am not joking)..Projected to own them in May or July..being realistic here..

Fourth stuff...Well as most of you know..that I like trucks..Yes trucks!!!I don't care if you driving a BMW, Mercedes or Honda maybe..My eyes are set on this baby..Hahaha..

Mitsubishi Triton..Please do not talk ill of my dream car..I am not a car and engine enthusiast..I like it because it's big..the design is smart and it suits me..At least before the January 2011 transfer window closes..You must be wondering what does it got to do with Mission 2010? The thing is..I am saving up this year for the car..and if I can get it in December..It will be a waste to the car value...Is that right Cical???Help me here..Hehehe...

Finally...the Fifth Mission 2010..You guessed???Well, I shall not elaborate on it...Let the picture say a thousand words..Enjoy...