Friday, November 21, 2008

My JaLang'S

Hi everyone...I would like you guys to meet my PRIDE&JOY...My JaLang'S

Hehe...Finally I got something of my own...I'm proud to have it...I will try my best to care for it because this is the 1st time in my life I have something big in My Life using my own money to own this BIKE!!!Hooray...

Gembira tak terkata rasenya bila pergi amek motor ni...Hehe...

Name: JaLang'S
Nickname: Belum fikir lagi!!!
IC No.: JLG 9656
Type: Naza GTR 150X
Colour: Black
D.O.B: November 13, 2009.
Hobbies: Bawak Tuannya pergi OFFICE!!!
Address: Bandar Utama, PJ, Malaysia.

Apa lagi yang boleh ditambah ekk??Hmmm...

D'Gambar from JaLang'S left side...Hehe...

I thank GOD for giving me the wealth & kemampuan to have this BIKE!!!

Well the story goes like this.....

It all started like any other day (chewahhh macam fairy talelah plak!!!) Hehe...

Tarikh keramat is on November 4th, 2008 as early as 7a.m. I woke up...prepare myself b4 my brother came to pick me up and brought me to his office. Arrived at his office and I was so, so, thrill that day. It was on a Tuesday.

Borrowed a motorcycle from my brother's colluege and ride to Shah Alam and head to KWSP. But disaster struck me OTW there, the motorcycle I borrowed broke down dekat Bulatan Kayangan!!!I was so PISS OFF!!!then my brother came with another motorcycle and he took me to KWSP instead.

After I got my EPF statement we went straight to S.15 Shah Alam (I managed to locate where Mudi's office are..Hehe..) to go to Naza Bikes assembly factory (we thought they have a Sales Office there) but when we reach there they only have a show room, service center and assembly point)after we know they are not selling backup plan emerges we when straight to S.13...near Giant Shah Alam dekat Shell(yang dulu adalah Projet).

After much discussion and consideration(mostly by my brother) I have decided to met the shops offer and confirm to take the BIKE!!!I make a loan from Aeon Credit...and every month I will pay up to them around RM324. After Aeon Credit approved my loan on November 12, 2008, that day Yus(office colluege of mine) and myself went back there to the shop for them to start processing on the bike with the JPJ(earlier the sales guys said I can register the BIKE with Johor's plate number for free...So I decided to take up the offer).

A day after that, on November 13, 2008 the BIKE officially is mine. But it's not until the other week on the November 18, 2008 I pick it up and ride it for the 1st time. To be exact, I ride the BIKE on November 18, 2008, Tuesday at 11.18a.m. HaHaHa...I was so very excited back then...I'm still excited now.HeHe..

That's a little bit of the BIKE's History that I can give now...early stage of it's life cycle...So what you guys think of the BIKE??Isit cool or WHAT??

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm Back

Hi back...isit been 2 months since the last time I blog away myself???YUP!!!it seems a long time and during that time I'm so busy that I forgot that I have this blog of mine...Peliks kan...bile you got carried away by something else...


Sekarang ni itu jelah yang ade dalam kepala otak!!!Bolehkah saya ini di consider sebagai seorang workaholic?(is this the correct spelling??ahhh!!!HEMTAM sajalah)During working hours I really hate distraction. Really focusing on the task. Is this consider as the type of a workaholic has?

Since October I have been sooooo hectic@busy with my work...Inside my head I will be hearing only Work!Work!Work!What should I do tomorrow??How am I going to perform the test??How am I going to transfer the knowledge I have to other people so that they understand how to perform the testing?Can I finish the testing on time?a lot of other things that has been playing around my head??I have developed a situation called STRESS around me....Uhhhhh...Sangat tak suka perasaan itu...

Itulah dia...sampai tak ada masa untuk bloging...HuHuHu...Kasihan terhadap diri ku tak mengapa...pada bulan ini saya akan cuba untuk rearrange my life back...setting up to be more better than the previous..previous..months...sekarang ni banyak responsibilities yang perlu di kenalah belajar untuk menghadapi apa jua keadaan...

Chaiyoook!!!mari menuju kejayaan!!!hehe...

Ni macam dah melalut je better I make a move...till next time...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Tale of the Three Brothers

The story is about three brothers who, travelling together, reach an impassable river. They make a magical bridge over the river. Halfway across the bridge, they meet the personification of Death who is angry for losing another three victims.

He pretends to be impressed by them and grants each a wish as a reward. The eldest brother asks for an unbeatable duelling wand. The middle brother asks for the ability to resurrect the dead. The youngest brother realises Death's intentions and asks for a way to stop Death from following him. Death gives him a cloak of invisibility. Afterwards, the brothers go their separate ways.

The eldest brother, bragging about his powerful wand, is robbed while asleep and killed. The middle brother uses his ability to bring back the woman he loved, who died before he could marry her. However, she is not happy being alive again. He kills himself to join her.

As for the youngest brother, Death never manages to find him, as he stays hidden under his cloak. Many years later, the brother removes his cloak and gives it to his son. Pleased with his achievements, he greets Death as an old friend and chooses to leave together with him "as equals".
The symbol of the Deathly Hallows

This is an adaptation from the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ramadhan 1429H

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan 1429H...This is my first time fasting in Ramadhan while working...I couldn't say much because today is just the second day of fasting...but the 1st day, it was not that bad, ok actually...that's because I think that all the people in KL were on holiday of the Merdeka Day, only us, those selected and talented hahaha...are the lucky ONE's that have to work on a Public Holiday...

Yesterday I managed to Buka Puasa at the House. From the office at 7pm I drove back to Bandar Utama and at 8pm drove back to the office. Yesterday buka puasa I had Nasi Kerabu...NYUM2...HAHAHA...

Today a little bit boring than usual...but today I finished all my instances and currently I done all of my work till I don't know when the Scenario Testing will starts...Till I blog again...AUREVOIR!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

October Here I Come

I have to say...being inside this project taught me a lot...compared to my previous employer...this one is rather tough...eventhough its not that complicated as which you have to learn Financial Accounting in a month whereby Accounting student learned it within a period of 4-5 years...its stressful...

But Im able to do it...YEAY ME!!!Clap.Clap...HAHA...So far learning the ways about HR is interesting...Im doing Time Management now...I am able to pick up about it within 2 weeks now...YEAY ME Again!!!HAHAHA...I have to say Im proud of myself...HEHE..

Just now Azman told me that I will be staying in the GE Testing Project till the project is DONE!!!which means I have to be inside the GE Project till October 20th...I will know is it is confirmed to stay till that time by tomorrow...So October Here I Come..YeeeHaaa...

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I thought today the whole day I could finish my work at home...but the VPN cannot be connected to the network...instead I just finished up those little little things like the datasheet...I had lunch around 3 just now...It wasn't that good...

I don't know what to be done more today...right now Im watching 21...with a lot of things on my mind...ARGHHH...when does this problems going to end...HMMM...

Friday, August 22, 2008

After 2 Weeks

1st project went I entered NorthgateArinso is to do GE testing...GE - General Electric...based in my working hours starts from 2pm - 10pm...its been GREAT!!!I dont have to rush going to work...its much more not stressful compared to when you have to work early in the morning...

The project wise for these past 2 has been to say...I got little time to is so tiring...I thought I was loan to this GE Testing project for 2 weeks...but I was I was extended for another week...I guess!!!HuHu...

Well its kind of nice actually...rather than before I have nothing to look forward to...After this Im going KARAOKE..eventhough the work is still a lot...Im going right now...HAHAHA...

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Hi...its almost 2 weeks since I wrote anything on my blog...time constraint..ARGHHH...I took a few minutes off work to write this...I think that my review on books have to postponed a little bit longer...I have a lot of testing to do now...until the end of next week...that's a lot of work...

I am going to write something concerning the statement by Selangor MB..TanSri Khalid Ibrahim...what nonsense he is talking UiTM to the non bumi's...He is Fucking CRAZY...I am a product of UiTM...I am honored to have my learning there...

Till next time...UiTM Di Hatiku!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

PAPAN NOTIS! [Heroes Spoiler]

My comment will be...Hmmm...why must she died??HUHU...

WARNING!!!Don't read if you don't want to spoil it!!!

Spoilers begin after the jump:

• The action begins with a "future" Peter (Milo Ventimiglia, pictured) coming back to modern day in an effort to shoot Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) before he exposes their secret powers to the world.

• Matt (Greg Grunberg) discovers future-Peter's real identity — but is banished into the middle of nowhere before he can do anything about it.

• Mohinder (Sendhil Ramamurthy) finally isolates Maya's (Dania Ramirez) powers in chemical form, and uses a syringe to inject himself with the magic elixir rather than give the girl what she wants — freedom from the hell of her super-human affliction.

• Sylar (Zachary Quinto) traps Claire (Hayden Panettiere) in her house and literally rips open her head to steal her thoughts and ability to defy death, while...

• Hiro (Masi Oki) disobeys his dead father's command and opens up the office safe that holds part of a formula that, if completed, could destroy the world. Of course, it's confiscated within seconds by a mysterious, time-traveling blonde.

• There are also brief appearances by Niki (Ali Larter) — now looking professional and dating (or married to?) an older man — as well as Noah (Jack Coleman), who's locked up in an inescapable prison cell. Oh, and keep an eye out for a new animated image (painting?) that look likes the Earth is cracking in half.

• And did we say a newly powered-up Mohinder gets to finally kick some ass?

Credit to “Chris Haston”

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I'm going to start reading back the books by Stephenie Meyer...Starting with Twilight...Then I'm going to discuss about the book...It sure must be FUN!!!After that I will move on to the second book, New Moon.

Then I will read up again Eclipse until the last book comes out next month, by August 9 I think title Breaking Dawn...The final instalation of the Stephenie Meyer book series about Vampire...Hope you guys can enjoy my review.

I will not talk that much, it would be a simple review. At least my brain will have exercise since that my body didn't have one. HAHAHA!!! I also will be doing the review on all the Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling. It is one of the best collection yet, for me that is.

I'm also thinking about the Mitch Albom's collection, his writings about life experienced really touched me, he did it as if he was part of it. I guessed he did became a part of the writings, that was in the title Tuesday's with Morrie.

I also want to start a collection with all the Dan Brown's books. His contoversial book the Da Vinci's Code was a good one. He really narated the story as if the thing was real, as if Jesus has a bloodline till today although for me it's just fictions. But he did make it as though it is real.

There is so many titles to read, can I do this??Well it depends on how RAJIN I am...HEHE...;-p


Thinking Cap

Its 12.33am, Tuesday July 29 2008...I'm still awake...No suprise there!!!I wanted to sleep but I'm too happy to sleep...HAHA...its because I got a new laptop kot...going online just from the katil...sungguh BEST!!!Hehe...

Well I don't know what to write but I just felt like it. What can I talk about?? Let see...hmmm...let's Muhasabah myself tonight!!!Yeah, I think that's a good idea...I want to be honest to myself, what have I accomplished from January till July 2008??Let's go back in time...7 months back...(right now I'm listening to Leona Lewis - Take A Bow...I like this song)

January 2008...
As far as I can remmeber, I don't have any specific cita-cita for 2008, January 1st passed by just like any other will take me through the rest of the year...I can't remember where I celebrated the New Year's Eve...I guessed kat rumah kot!!!I do remmeber one thing, that month on January 26, I got an interview with Accenture where it would be my first real job after graduation(my first job would be working in McDonalds Pusat Bandar Damansara in 2001 or 2002...I think it was 2002...early 2002 when I was still residing in Bukit Damansara...rumah at Jalan Setiaraya so full of memories...I love it there)

February 2008...
Not much adventure for the beginning of the month. It gets exciting by the end of the month where I join Accenture as a Trainee in FICO. This is the part where I have the crush on someone and blah...blah...blah....Good ending for the month of February...

March 2008...
This is the month that has full of excitement...Really???Emmm...I'm not to sure...I guessed so...HAHA...I met with new friends...Wonderful friends actually, I don't know we would considered as Friends or Colleugues...but my term with them would be friends...PERIOD!!!In March also we experienced the new era of Malaysia Political structure whereby the ruling coalition which have governed the country for 50 years has taken the big blow when they lost 5 states and were denied the 2/3rd majority inside the Dewan Rakyat...I am anxious to witness what will happen next!!!I also did learned new things like SAP FICO and ABAP which is the programming language for SAP...I don't like the training that was BORING and I couldn't understand what the Trainer is talking about!!!The bond with the other trainees are getting stronger, when it reaches to the end of the training when most of us were sent to project sites we were considered as close but not that close...2 were sent to Scomi, 3 were sent to Averis, 3 were doing ABAP for Shell Project, 2 were sent to Manila for Chevron Project Olympic (I'm in this group) and 4 left behind with no projects to be assinged to. This is also the month where I carpooled with Cik Puteri kita...I was a COOL experienced...HAHAHA...;-p

April 2008...
April 1st 2008, I was based in Manila, Philippines. Yeah its kind of a new thingy for me. It was really a GREAT memory for me. April 2nd, my first report duty in my career life at Chevron Manila. I get to meet with people from different nationalities. I don't want to say anything because sometimes and some of these people just thinking of them PISS ME OFF!!!In April also I started blogging, this is due to me getting something to do during my past time. Blogging does help you to eased up a releases some tense...because everything that you wanted to say it out loud which you cannot possiblely express it could be done by blogging, its purposed could be the same as writing diaries.

May 2008...
I received my allowances on May 9th, 2 days late as promised by the employer...thats the day I went back to KL for my flyback...I think thats the time when I started to be close to Maria. This also the first time I celebrated my birthday outside of the country, with no close friends and families around. Its a good memory then, and also this is the month where I met Sharina and her sister Risa, which Sharina I havent met like 13 years ago when we was in standard 6. She brought me around a few places in Manila...Thank GOD I found her, if not I would not venture that far out...I'm a bit lazy!!!HAHA...What a small world right???Out of all the places...It has been a pleasure to meeting you again Sharina.

June 2008...
The final month for my On the Job Training, and this is the month where I faced the first challenges to come in my life. The stories in Manila was getting exciting untill the end, June 20th where I am sad to leave Manila, it has been GREAT to be there...It has been a wonderful experienced and exposure. June 23rd, the black day started till it ends when the month end...cut the story short, I was not converted to be a permenant staff of Accenture because of something that I could not understand till now...but I know its about I'm playing the internet...Moral of the story, Do Not Play the Internet while you are On The Job Training...It doesn't matter if you did your job on time, you bust your ass to finish your job even on your birthday...just don't play the internet and chatting because if you are working on client site, they will complaint and you wont get converted...PERIOD!!!(What a stupid DUMBASS reason!!!)

July 2008...
I revived myself from the did not take long for me to find a new job...I went for an interview Arinso, 3 days after that I got the job as Associate SAP HR Consultant...Thank GOD for that too!!!I also declared a relationship with Maria, we decided to take it slow, not to get too attached at this time...Let time decides wheather we could be together for the rest of our lives...There is still a long way to go...Much more time to get to know each other more better. Finally, for the month of July, specifically on July 28th, I started my job at NorthgateArinso.

So for the last 7 months it has been so full of drama, romance, flings, crushess, memories of the GOOD and the BAD!!!Experiences and exposures!!!All I can summarized is that I has been a colourful, exciting and memorable 7 months for the year 2008.

Monday, July 28, 2008

July 28, 2008

I has been a long time since I woke up at 6am...Well today I have to cause I am starting a new job...Woke up at 6am...took a bath...went out of the room and asked Kak Yah to make me MILO...that helps to BERAK actually...HAHA!!!

By 7.30am, I'm totally ready to go to work...but I have to wait for U Pes and the others to get ready and breakfast...They were going to the US Embassy to get their VISAS!!!Oh Yeah, they will be going to the STATES this August 16...I will be left behind to guard the house!!!HAHA...that would be scary....Wooooo!!!

Got out of the house at about 7.50am, Pakcik Ali drove us first to the US Embassy, I still think that we used the long way...if we had used jalan Kuching would be a lot faster...but what do I care, as long as I got a free ride!!!HAHAHA...;-p

Reached the US Embassy around 8.25am, drop U Pes and the family there and then Pakcik Ali send me to TH Perdana beside Maju Junction because thats where my new office will be...Arrived in Maju Junction at around 8.50am...Smoke a ciggarette then went staright up to the 40th floor.

Reach the office doors at 9am sharp...WOW!!!I don't realised that I can be punctual!!!HAHA...At about 9.30am...I had the office tour which is so BORING!!!the office was small compared to Accenture...missed my PEEPS there!!!

At 10.15am, Ms. Tan Ai Bee the HR Director came to the discussion room and started with the slides for the OnBoarding Process...OMG!!!it has been a 3 hours most BORING session...but she was quite FUNNY its not that BAD!!!HEHE...

At 1.00pm, went out for lunch with my new office colleugue Husnah, Valerie and Faezan which all of them are girls...Surrounded by GIRLS again...Where have the boys gone???Shissshhh...

Got back from lunch at 2.00pm, waited inside the discussion room for a while until FiFi the admin girl came to us and brought us down to the 33rd floor to take the laptops and find a place to sit...Since 2.30pm till now...I have been chatting, Facebooking, and updating this Blog...I hope tomorrow they will tell me to which project that I should be assign to...I glad I got the laptop...and I hope it can connect to the WIRELESS at HOME!!!

Going to MISS Maria though...She has gone to Manila today!!!HUHUHU...I hope she will be okay there!!!Oh well, nothing more to say...Bye!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Minum-Minum Petang

Got nothing to talk about actually but I felt like BLOGGING right now!!!HEHE..;-p

Well today will be my last weekdays and my last week before I started to WORK again...I can't wait to join NorthgateArinso
next week!!!YEEHAA!!!

I woke up early this morning...(9.30am, is it considered early??HAHAHA...;-p)Kiyai called me around that time and asked me to joined him for breakfast...I said YES and he would come and pick me up around an hour times. So I got off the bed, when out of the room and go straight to the kitchen made myself a glass of Ribena (it helps me to throw out unnecessary things inside my PERUT!!!HAHAHA...;-p)

I open the laptop, went online for a while just to wait for my stomach to GROWL!!!check my FaceBook...or in other words 10.15am I went to showers and took a bath!!!While enjoying the cold running water from the showers, I put up a little music by Jason Mraz - I'm Yours. Its almost 2 weeks that I haven't woke up in the morning and took an early bath and even enjoy breakfast...usually I woke up LUNCH is served!!!HAHAHA...

Kiyai arrived in front of the house around 11am and we took off to Binjai Restaurant and had our breakfast there. I wanted to ate roti telur and Kiyai wanted roti sardin but we are too late, all FINISHED!!!So Kiyai had Nasi Lemak and I had Nasi Dagang...the foods was OK!!!

After breakfast Kiyai wanted to send his car to change the break fluid and so we went to ENEOS or what ever the spell is...that will be in OU at the Old Wing. After sending the car I went to Maxis to ask about separate bills, but it didn't help much!!! Then we went to Secret Recipe and ate desserts there, I had Chocolate Indulgence and Kiyai had the Chocolate Banana Cake...I don't know if its good or what, but mine was not sooo good!!!

I guess right after lunch there is not so many things that fascinate me...But tonight I have a date with Maria...She wants to go and see Dark Knight...So till next time...DAAA...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Phone Bill

I have been a Maxis user for a long time...I don't know when exactly I started using the number...but I can remember that I had 2 Maxis number before this one...

I'm a prepaid user from the year 2004 for my current number...or is it from matter...I have been using the Hotlink prepaid number for some time...and I guess its the best time for me to move on to postpaid since that it has the Family Plan...which I think will save me on my phone bills when I called my MUM and BROTHER!!!is was the plan actually...

But I'm really Piss Off with me brother...WTH, is he thinking...I thought using postpaids would save up some bills...but nooooo...its getting more and more difficult for me...We are supposed to be saving...Doesn't phone users ever think about they have used a lot on their phone for something unnecessary...I don't care if you can afford it...but I do care if you don't afford to pay for all you have used!!!

Its something silly to used the phone for up to RM200 - RM300 for phone calls, messages, and other RIDICULOUS services...Whats up with that??My uncle a business man doesn't used the phone up to RM200 a month...

So what's up that...This month bill although it did not SOAR up till RM300++ but it almost reach up to RM300...Mine maintained RM120-RM130 only last month it reaches RM216...It bothers me a lot...It suppose to help my mom but what happening now it's the other way around...OMG!!!I can't stand this anymore...I even bought myself a new prepaid number just in case the line is being BARRED again by the TELCO!!!

But what can I do??His my brother...He should realized by now that paying just the phone bill will make him a burden!!!please realized something by now...How many times I talked to him...he wouldn't listen...What can I do now??any bright ideas anyone???HAHAHA...No needlah...Its just an expression...He will come around someday...

My final words for now will be...HMMMPPHHHH... ;-p

A New Enviroment

I wanted to give many THANKS and further appreciation to Accenture Malaysia for giving me the opportunity to start a New Life...It has been a GREAT 4months experienced...I must say that I have been lucky to be sent to Manila, working with different people from around the WORLD!!!its a pleasure to know all of you GUYS!!!to the people in KL office...especially to Puteri whom help me a lot during the training...those GUYS in Manila office...and those Malaysian...Azlan, Hisham, Rifqah, Kevin and has been a pleasure of meeting you guys...and not to forget to the trainess (who are now converted..HEHE..) Maria, Mar, Diya, Yan, Ella, Ayu, Fazz, Su, Yani, Ainur, Kak As and not to forget my colleague during my OJT in Manila, Safiuddin...NICE knowing you guys...This will not end our FRIENDSHIP!!!We shall meet again someday...


July 15 2008, I was called for an INTERVIEW with NorthgateArinso for the position of Associate HR Consultant...My cousin Nizad helped me passed my RESUME to the company..since that my status was still hanging in MID AIR!!!So that day, my interview was at 2pm...

The interview venue was at TH Perdana, 40th floor at Maju Junction...I left the house at 12pm I think...and asked Pakcik Ali to send me there...Since Syafiq finished school at 1pm...He insisted to send me to Maju Junction...that surely is a good thing...I could save up a little bit of CASH!!!Reached Maju Junction around 12.30pm and I went to Starbucks and had my favourite coffee (FYI, Caramel Machiato, Hot, Venti) and read Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer while waiting for the time to tick till 1.30pm...

At 1.20pm...get out from Starbucks and straight to the LOO...getting SMART...washed my FACE...fix the hair...wore the TIE...and UP to the 40th floor...when I got there..It was 1.45pm the interview starts with a IQ Test and Essay...oh GOD..I really hate writing ESSAYS...what did I wrote about that day??HMMM...I forgot...but it had to do with experienced and I wrote about the Experience in Manila...HEHE...soooo typical of ME...;-p

So, we come to the interview part..I went inside around 2.45pm and came out at 3.40pm...its almost an hour inside the room...and again, I forgot the interviewers name..HAHA..Sorry DUDE!!!the interview questions circle around the OJT in Manila, so I talked about FI...How I did the MEC & YEC...about I did the Testing...then talked about myself...the sessions was NICE!!!it wasn't that TENSED!!!I felt RELAX!!!it went GREAT!!!

Friday, July 18 2008, 4.43pm...NorthgateArinso called me on my CELL!!!I got the position to join them!!!HAHAHA...I felt very lucky that day...and I was sooooo HAPPY gile-gile...they asked me when can I start..I told them...I can start right away...last Monday...and they told me that's too then they told me I can come and sign the agreement on Tuesday and come to worj with them on July 28 2008. I am sooooo pleased and I thank GOD for that!!!

Tuesday, July 22 2008, 11am...i went back to the office...and exactly at 11.10am...I signed the agreement to join NorthgateArinso as Associate HR Consultant...How I felt that day???Yeah like everyone else I think...HAPPY!!!because Im sooooo BORED right the job was a relief for me...Thank GOD again..HAHA...even the job is contract for 1 year!!!


My new ENVIROMENT...well, its not at KLCC and as glamorous as Accenture...but this company is NOT that BAD!!!all I need is more EXPERIENCE and EXPOSURE!!!I have much more to learned and more knowledge to acquire!!!there is more FRIENDS to be made...I will not make myself DEMOTIVATED again...Right now my GOAL will be to move FORWARD with more ambition and strength and let the past be a lesson for me in the future!!!

This coming Monday, July 28 2008 will be another Dawn for me..another platform for ME to strive for further SUCCESS in LIFE!!!Wish ME GoodLuck!!!and I don't know why Iman and Diyanah was so Depressed when I told them I got a JOB...HAHAHA...(maybe no one will BABYSIT them in the afternoon...sorry guys...JOB is more important!!!than I can BELANJA you BaskinRobbins more often..HAHAHA..;-p)


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Dark Knight

It's time for a movie review...The best movie of the far goes to The Dark Knight...the movie was 2 and half hours or sooo...but its worth it to pay RM11 to watch it...the movie wasn't slow at all.

It starts with a BANG!!!and ended with a triple BANG!BANG!BANG!!!all I can say is WOW!!!

The first scene was when JOKER(played by the late Heath Ledger)it was GREAT!!!the bank HEIST scene was one of the best scene...I'm glad that I reached the cinema in the nick of time when I finally settled down to watch...the movie started!!!

The movie will tell you how psycho JOKER was in the beginning and the creation of HARVEY DENT a.k.a HARVEY TWO FACE...the flow of the movie was incredibly organize...the plots and the scene will take you to understand the movie better...TWO THUMBS UP!!!

Wow amazing movie health ledger nailed this role (: it sucks that he died cause he was WOW(: R.I.P Heath Ledger!

Overall I would say that The Dark Knight is a HELL of a GREAT MOVIE!!! no doubt about it!!! To those of you that did not yet watch the movie...I recommended that you should watch!!!at the CINEMA!!!Its a 5 stars rating!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

6 Dalil Kenapa Aku Tak DiConvertkan

This is my Performance Review which I regret to say is FULL of CRAP!!!

It starts from here...

Just FYI, since our connection is only for YE Close activities, all I can give you is some feedback related to the topic. But since you have other stuffs that you've completed, all of your direct supervisors give feedback for you so please find below feedback that I've summarized from other team mates.

1. You need to work on your communication skill using email or any reporting device. We've discussed this before and I say you've become better but still, need to increase your skill.

My comment on this is that I'm getting better you IDIOTS!!!its not like I'm getting worst of writing it...

2. You need to work on the quality of your deliverables for example your validation documentation. Your deliverables should be easy to understand even for common people (without any related background). And I also can say that you've become better on second YEC assignment.

My comment again, I have become better..DUHHHHH~

3. You need to be more proactive to help others. If you don't have anything to do, please ask your supervisor or team mates on how you can help them. Don't wait to be asked.

My comment, this is another BULLSHIT statement...I did asked, but you guys said...Ohhh...We don't have anything for you now...When WE have something...Then WE will come back to you...JACKASSES on the RISE!!!

4. You need to have ownership on what you're doing. For example, when we scheduled to have training for you, you didn't show up until your supervisor calls you.

What the HELL!!!I don't even know there was a TRAINING you ASSHOLES!!!The day you guys sent the email I was on my way BACK to MALAYSIA you DUMB ASSES!!!and on MONDAY morning my PC was used by some other people...Really..Im working with IDIOTS!!!

5. It's good to have you spend some extra hours to complete your task.

WTF!!!I even work late on my birthday...any excuse NOT to hire is just FINE for you IDIOTS!!!

6. You also need to work on your working manner. We're working with the client in the project so I think browsing or chatting for unrelated topic will be unappropriate. To be honest, I received complain from the client about this.

This is madness, in the 1st place why didn't you bunch of IDIOTS WARNED!!!what??you have to wait till the review to tell it out...and its FOOLISH accusation...My new ambition from now on...I will not play the internet or chatting during work!!!its BAD!!!(I'm being SARCASTIC)


moral of the story...when you are on probation or training or whatever, DO NOT PLAY the INTERNET or CHATTING!!!because thats the only reason they will not HIRE don't attend training, that's FINE!!!but playing internet is a CRIME!!!

I'm really PISS OUT about this!!!This is a TOTAL BULLSHIT!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

WOTD v.04 [Erti Kemerdekaan - Dr Mahathir Mohamad]

Dan jatuhnya hanya beberapa hari
lalu terbelenggu 400 tahun
suatu tempoh yang amat payah dan panjang
pengabdian dan kehilangan yakin diri
43 tahun kita berdiri menebus maruah
merdeka mentafsir diri sendiri dan bangga pada apa yang ada
masih mahukan harga itu diperjudikan?

Kita tidak akan mempertaruhkan nasib itu
di tangan kita masih panas
keringat, tulang belulang dan tenaga fikir
menghayun langkah membina wawasan
waspada harimau di matahari terbenam
tidak akan hilang belangnya
mengisytiharkan dirinya yam tuan tunggal sejagat
yang lemah longlai
yang gagah gergasi
akan meruntuhkan segala sempadan rimba
atas nama membina perkampungan dunia
mahukah kita biarkan
mereka menginjak-injak dan menghancurkan taman kecil permai ini?
Rimba tanpa sempadan
atas nama “kebaikan” menyelinap menusuk matafikir
hidupan dunia ketiga terpaku takjub dengan slogan
‘kasih alam
ketelusan hukum
keadilan timbangan
kesatuan warga dunia
kebebasan mutlak’
lalu beraraklah anak-anak bumi ini meraikan kesatuan alam
dengan sorak sorai
‘runtuhkan sempadan!
runtuhkan sempadan!
runtuhkan korupsi
runtuhkan kolisi’
dan di belakang mereka tidak melihat
bayang-bayang belenggu halimunan
yang lebih ganas daripada segala yang ganas
kita pun akan kehilangan harga dan erti diri
mengapa diundang mereka
dan mereka tiba-tiba berada di depan pintu rumah kita?
Kita telah bangun dengan segala kepayahan
membuka belantara dan mempertahankan warisan
kita tafsir merdeka mengikut acuan sendiri
merdeka kita dengan fikiran
dan kita pertahankannya dengan fikiran
dunia sudah melihat kita
dunia sudah menghormati kita
Timur dan Selatan mengharapkan kita
mereka datang berbondong-bondong mencari bumi ini
perlindungan dan erti hidup
mengapa kita sendiri masih belum mahu melihat
dengan tangan masih terbelenggu ke belakang
dan hanya sesekali menjulangnya
mengikut rentak genderang dunia matahari terbenam?
Bijak pandai pernah berpesan
‘mereka yang tidak belajar dari sejarah mereka didera
dengan mengulangi kesalahan-kesalahan mereka berkali-kali’
sejarah mengajar kita betapa kukuh sesuatu bangsa
akan tetap kecundang bila ditikam dari belakang
mengapa kita mula halalkan sejarah hitam berulang?
Nasib kita genggam
dengan tangan sendiri dan segala kudrat kurniaan
kita jalin kekuatan sulaman kasih bangsa
kita didihkan dia dengan tradisi semangat juang
maruah bangsa kita julang ke mercu alam
kita bangunkan suatu tamadun cinta damai
di sini kita ajar anak-anak kita erti sayang
di sini kita tawarkan dunia menaja kemanusiaan
dan bukan alat peperangan
dunia belajar erti merdeka sejati
mempelajari dan menerima segala perbezaan
merdeka menafsir hidup tanpa paksaan kuasa
Di sini kita yakin segalanya boleh
Di sini kita yakin segalanya boleh
Itulah erti kemerdekaan
Perjuangan ini mesti diteruskan.
Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

WOTD v.03 [Melayu Mudah Lupa - Dr. Mahathir Mohamad]

Melayu mudah lupa
Melayu mudah lupa
Melayu mudah lupa
Dulu bangsanya dipijak
Melayu mudah lupa
Dulu bangsanya retak
Melayu mudah lupa
Dulu bangsanya teriak
Melayu mudah lupa
Dulu bangsanya haprak
Melayu mudah lupa
Dulu bangsanya kelas dua
Melayu mudah lupa
Dulu bangsanya hina
Melayu mudah lupa
Dulu bangsanya sengketa
Melayu mudah lupa
Dulu bangsanya derita
Melayu mudah lupa
Dulu bangsanya kerdil
Melayu mudah lupa
Dulu bangsanya terpencil
Melayu mudah lupa
Tiada daulat
Tiada maruah
Tiada bebas
Melayu mudah lupa
Melayu mudah lupa
Melayu mudah lupa
Sejarah bangsanya yang lena
Tanah lahirnya yang merekah berdarah
Wahai bangsaku
Jangan mudah lupa lagi
Kerana perjuanganmu belum selesai...
Dibacakan oleh
Presiden UMNO, Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad di akhir ucapan penggulungannya
pada Perhimpunan Agung UMNO
di Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra (PWTC) pada 23 Jun, 2001.

WOTD v.02 [Perjuangan Yang Belum Selesai - Dr. Mahathir Mohamad]

Sesungguhnya tidak ada yang lebih menyayatkan
dari melihat bangsaku dijajah
Tidak ada yang lebih menyedihkan
dari membiarkan bangsaku dihina
Air mata tiada ertinya
sejarah silam tiada maknanya
sekiranya bangsa tercinta terpinggir
dipersenda dan dilupakan
Bukan kecil langkah wira bangsa
para pejuang kemerdekaan
bagi menegakkan kemuliaan
dan darjat bangsa
selangkah beerti mara
mengharung sejuta dugaan
Biarkan bertatih
asalkan langkah itu yakin dan cermat
bagi memastikan negara
merdeka dan bangsa terpelihara
air mata sengsara
mengiringi setiap langkah bapa-bapa kita
Tugas kita bukan kecil
kerana mengisi kemrdekaan
rupanya lebih sukar dari bermandi
keringat dan darah menuntutnya
Lagi pula apalah ertinya kemerdekaan
kalau bangsaku asyik mengia dan menidakkan,
mengangguk dan membenarkan,
kerana sekalipun bangganya negara
kerana makmur dan mewahnya,
bangsaku masih melata
dan meminta-minta di negaranya sendiri
Bukan kecil tugas kita
meneruskan perjuangan kemerdekaan kita
kerana rupanya selain memerdekakan,
mengisi kemerdekaan itu jauh lebih sengsara
Bangsaku bukan kecil hati dan jiwanya
bukankah sejak zaman berzaman
mereka menjadi pelaut, pengembara
malah penakluk terkemuka?
Bukankah mereka sudah mengembangkan sayap,
menjadi pedagang dan peniaga
selain menjadi ulama dan
ilmuan terbilang?
Bukankah bangsaku pernah mengharung
samudera menjajah dunia yang tak dikenal
Bukankah mereka pernah menjadi
wira serantau yang tidak mengenal
erti takut dan kematian?
Di manakah silapnya hingga bangsaku
berasa begitu kecil dan rendah diri?
Apakah angkara penjajah?
Lalu bangsaku mulai
melupakan kegemilangan silam
dan sejarah gemilang membina empayar
Tugas kita belum selesai rupanya
bagi memartabat dan
memuliakan bangsa
kerana hanya bangsa yang berjaya
akan sentiasa dihormati
Rupanya masih jauh dan berliku jalan kita
bukan sekadar memerdeka dan mengisinya
tetapi mengangkat darjat dan kemuliaan
buat selama-lamanya
Hari ini, jalan ini pasti semakin berliku
kerana masa depan belum tentu
menjanjikan syurga
bagi mereka yang lemah dan mudah kecewa
Perjuangan kita belum selesai
kerana hanya yang cekal dan tabah
dapat membina mercu tanda
bangsanya yang berjaya
Dr. Mahathir Mohamad
Mei 1996

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

WOTD v.01 [Mother]

"A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials, heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes place pf prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine, desert us when troubles thicken around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts."

-Washington Irving

"All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe it all to my mother."

Monday, June 23, 2008

June 23rd, 2008 (Back in Malaysia)

Before I tell the stories when I was in Manila, I would like to tell about the news I am getting today..June 23rd, 2008..

OMG!!I thought being back in Malaysia was tortures enough but it did not top the possibilities of having bad news when I reached the KL ofis..As usual when Im in Malaysia, I got to wakeup early, as early as 6am just to get ready for work.

At 7am today I leave the house with Iman and Diyanah, Pakcik Mizan drove us first to the school to send Iman and Diyanah to Seri Hartamas. Then he would send me to KL Sentral..reached Kl Sentral at 7.30am..gone down to smoke first,wait 5minutes till the ciggaret is finished, I walked to the LRT station, just waited for 5mins when an empty train arrived. Board the train straight to KLCC. My office is at KLCC, Tower 2, level 65..

It took around 10minutes or less..I dont count the times, I felt very akward today, I dont know why, is just different since the from the last 3 months..Yeah!!the last 3 months has been very convinient...I had free breakfast before I went to work..1 bowl of cereals(mix of Cocoa Crunch and Cornflakes with added Brown Sugar and milk) 1 sunny side up eggs and orange juice..and at around 8.15am..Romer will be waiting for me..

But today, everything is back to normal, no more simple life..Im back to reality..just have to face the facts that fairy tales doesn't last that long...During the LRT ride from KL Sentral to KLCC, I saw Sheela well she is one of my HR Rep just like Puteri and Kavitha..but I didnt't talked to her..I still in denial that Im already back in Malaysia...what to do??I had so much fun there in Manila...HAHAHA..;-p

Reached office around 8am, went straight up, gone to looked for Kavitha, but she is not around today, Sheela said she tooked leave today or something..I can't remember, but everything today I need to asked Puteri...and its 8.10am..Sheela asked me to reserved for a workstation, called Maria to ask her if she has arrived, well it took her 5minutes to get up..that was fast..HAHA..nothing to talked about I guess...

Then I went to level 66, to try and reserved a workstation, got upstairs, the receptionist said there is no available work station today, instead I could use the training room..the traning room where I have been seated during my 1 month and a week training to the my laptop, after 5 minutes or so..Kevin arrived, he was also with the Project Olympic in Manila..about 20minutes after that, Veric arrived..

The time flew fast, I didn't do anything the whole day...I mean the whole emails, updated my Facebook and Friendster...then as I looked at the watch..its 12pm already...YM Cical, to meet downstairs...Then I went out to lunch with Cical and his colleugue at KLCC Foodcourt...its been a while since I ate lunch during office hours or lunch time to be exact..

Ate lunch till about 1pm..then went out to 1.30pm..I entered back to the office..during my way up..inside the elevator on the 42nd floor, Im going to kill that Puteri!!!(kidding!!)she almost make me having a heart head was down when Im inside the elevator, she went HAH!! to my face..and I was like..DAMN..and almost swing my hands...lucky her..HAHAHA..;-p

Then she told me she got some stories for me..well I don't know what is it until I got back to my laptop...then she told me something that will make my day from bad to worst...Harry Rameli, my supervisor in Manila did NOT give me a GOOD performance review...and I was going like..what the HELL..but I didnt tell Puteri that..SHITlaa..I've been busting my ASS off overthere..few times got home late..and my performance is not good...but what can I do..its been reviewed by someone else..

I admit, most of the times I don't have work at all...yeahh..I mean most of the time..but everytime..I got work..I shall try my best to finished it on time..a few times I work late..and as far as I can remember...on my birthday I worked till 8pm...and the next morning I came to the office at 7am and stayed until 9pm..that wasn't enough I guess..and I didn't even sleep during work..most of the time Veric is just not fair that I got a bad review... work isn't neat has few flaws here and there..but who wouldn't right??Im still in training..don't expect me to know about everything..because I don't have that a lot of is like the worst day of my life..Thanks a lot!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Taal Volcano, Tagaytay

June 7, 2008..the trip to Tagaytay..(pronounce as Ta-Gai-Tai)..went to see the Taal Volcano which by the way is soooooo BEAUTIFUL...let me show you the island from the distances..

Yes..thats the island..beautiful isn't it??but I must warned you guys..if you are thinking of taking a trip to Taal Volcano, make sure you wear long sleeves..a cap..a hat..anything that can cover your head..cause its HOT!!!after I went back to my apartment..I got sunburn..muka and everything was red macam udang kena bakar!!!and it hurts...
Well, back to the trip, I went there with 3 other people..Veric(the colleugue from KL office), Romer(the Best driver) & Carl(Romer's son)...Taal Volcano is located on an island in a place called Tagaytay..the journey from Makati to Tagaytay using the expressway will take you 1 and half will pass Manila, Laguna and Santa Rosa (im not good in geography..but i guess this is right..HAHAHA..) you will enjoy the scenery along the way...

I was ready to go at 7.30am, but Romer came around 9am he arrived with his son Carl. So the trip began, at 9am we departure..reach Tagaytay around 10.30am..the road had less traffic that day...after the expressway..the road was going up and down hill..well you can see towns, villages and some interesting places along the way...everything is still very basic dont expect the place is full of modern stuff...

Reaching Tagaytay does not mean you are there already..yeah..but you are close..after that you have to go down the hill for another half an hour drive to the sea side...Reach the sea side, we went to find a boat ride to Taal Volcano, as I said before it is located on an island at a huge lake...the boat ride cost around 2000peso = is better if you come in saves a lot..and for 1 horse you need to pay another 450peso..thats if you like to take a horse up the hill to the volcano site..but if you prefer to my guest!!its a long way up..HAHAHA!!!..the boat ride will take you another 30mins to reach the island..
Once I have reached the island, it was very traditional..and I can't see any single car or modern transportation..what they have a lot are horse DUNG!!!HAHAHA...yeah..its like the whole island smells like HORSE shyte...EWWWW..but IM here to experince horse that I ride was not that big...but its ok i guess..if the horse could take me up the hills which is by the way is 4km from the beach...GOOD LUCK horse..or better..GOOD LUCK ME!! :-)

Another 45mins for us to get up to the hill..the horse ride really hurts my..uhmmm...emmm...okaaaaaaayyyyy..move on to the was 12.30pm when I reached to the top...and OMG..I was burning in was soooo realllyyyyy HOT!!..but, yes but...eventhough it was HOT..but the breeze is cooling me off..and the scenery up there..where you can see the volcano..and the places miles was very soothingg...I was prasing to GOD on how beautiful GOD have created this place...

Well if you enjoy nature so much..I will tell you that you will surely enjoy going here...

We spend about an hour up there...took pictures, take a rest..and about 1.30pm..I started back my journey down the hill to the boat...

the journey back is much more WORST than going up...the horse was like racing with one another....and it hurts a lot!!what hurts..that I have to leave it to blank..HEHE..its PERSONAL I tell you...HAHAHA..;-p

These trip was a BLAST!!I enjoyed it very much...well its nicer if I brought someone along..well what IM trying to say is will feel much more ROMANTIC if you take along someone you LOVE with you on this ME, you will enjoy every moment...Cause I did!!

Beautiful isn't it?? I wished that I could bring someone I LOVE along this trip..ohh well, maybe the next LIFE have a long journey to GO!!!let's trust in FATE!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

May 2008 Part 2

I think what happened during my birthday I already told you..Well you can read it at the posting May 15 2008..Thats the complete story on what happen during my 25th birthday..and also the story of how I met my long lost can read it at the title 1995 - 2008..I have put all the details there..have fun reading that too..

Well, im going to continue the story after the first week when Im back in the Philippine. After the Sunday I met with Sharina and her sister Risa at MOA, we have lots to talk about then the week goes by without any exciting new events. Just another normal week for me..but what I can't wait is that Friday where Im going to start enjoying Manila.

Friday came, i left the office at 4pm..well I skipped an hour of work just to be at Star City on time cause if you go out at 5pm, Im sure the traffic will be horrible and don't get me started on how the people in the Philippine drived..SWEARING is a must when you are a Malaysian..they drive like a maniac..from 2 lanes you can have up to 5 lanes at a time..just imagine what happen??Caous!!

Arrived at Star City around 5pm..suppose if there is less would only took 30mins to be there..but since its Friday, well it took about 45mins to an hour to reach there..The plan was for us to meet around 5.30pm or 6pm..but I rather arrived early than late..Sharina said she will bring few friends that day..and so I brought Veric along.

Sharina, Risa, Mavic and Steph (friends of Sharina) arrived at 6pm..well considering that..they are a little bit late..but no matter..I came that day to enjoy myself..It was raining that day but not heavily..ohhh wait!!!I haven't mention what is Star City..Hahaha..How silly of me..Well, Star City is an amusement park or a theme park..I don't know why they have like a difference between amusement and theme..I can never tell what's the difference..why don't they just stick to one name..OK..Star City is like a funfair but have a few cool rides..cause I can't compare it to Sunway Lagoon which by the way is way better than Star City..Hehe..

Since it was raining..we decided to go to Robinsons Mall Manila first and wait till the park is dry enough for us to get on the rides. Robinsons Mall are just 10mins away from Star City, we took a taxi there. In Robinsons Mall they have 2 Malaysian restaurants there, one is called Penang Hill and the other one is Secret Recipe..Yeah!!like the one we got in Malaysia..We dine in Penang Hill, what did we have that day??Hmm..let me see..ordered 2 Roti Canai's, Udang Sambal, Tandoori chicken, Kangkong Belacan and Fish Head Curry (I don't recommend the fish head..its not as good as what we got in Malaysia and plus it did not taste that good).

After we had our dinner, we went to Secret Recipe for desserts, Risa made a good joke that day..Its still funny till now!!HAHAHAHA...(sorry Risa, its FUNNEH.. ;-p) She wanted to order a Shepard's Pie but what she said to the waitress was a German Shepard..HAHAHAHA..the waitress was like so blur2..and we all laugh..there is a strange girl called Mavic, she does not like people to take pictures of her..sooooo...most of her pictures are covered up with her hands..Hehehe...WEIRD!!

At Secret Recipe, I had Brownies with ice cream same as Risa (Copy Cat!!), Veric and Sharina had the same things also..something chocolate banana cake or something, and Mavic and Steph shared with Sharina. We lepak there like for one hour until 9pm I think when we decided to head back to Star City.

Arrived at Star City, the entrances fee is 300pesos per head and converted to Malaysian Ringgit at that time its RM8 X 3 = RM24 per person..the first ride I went was the flying carpet thingy..I cant remember the exaxct name..a word of advise..please take your dinner after you have enjoyed the rides..cause after this ride I felt like throwing up..Bweekkk!!!!Thats why I didn't go on the Star Flyer@Roller Coaster(the other reason is because I don't like roller coaster..DAMN you who made the Final Destination 3 movie). I remember one time in Disneyland, I was so afraid to ride the roller coaster @ Space Mountain but decided to go ahead, well it did build up my confidence..I think Iman was sitting beside me..I was screaming of afraidness..HAHAHA...

This place has security issues..the ride Galaxy where Im going to ride next has the simplest safety gadgets I have ever seen in my life for theme park rides..even the Funfairs in Malaysia has a better safety rides than in Star City..the ride was circle where we stand inside a something like a cage..a handle bar to hold on too..and rantai besi macam nak kunci basikal..HAHAHA...and its going to spin 360 in mid crazy is that??ohh least I enjoyed..

After that ride, we took a 10minutes rest..we have a drink first before we ride the Surf Dance..its something like the Ship at The Mall Youhan last time..where they toss you left right and up downs..Im glad the scary rides was over..for all that I remembered..Steph wasn't in any of the rides..Im thinking she is afraid..better her than me becoming the chicken..HAHAHA...

We went back inside..Steph and Veric went inside the dungeon..its like a haunted house..YEAH!!I didn't went inside..Want to know why?Ohhh Yeahh..I afraid of it..AHAHAHA...this will sound akward to some..but I went on to ride the kiddies ride..the theme was Little Mermaid..ahhhh..the songs..flash back memories when I was 8 or 9 watching The Little Mermaid..its a nice Disney cartoon..(I think the next story will be about all the Disney movies we all have watched before..and we choose which is the best?let's make a poll??agreed??HAHAHA..)

For the first time in my life, I have ride the Merry Go Round..HAHAHA..I shall put some pictures in this you guys can understand better..HEHE..or see and try to have the same feel rather than imagining what Im saying..

Then..after enjoying all those rides in Star City...we walked to Harbor Square which only took us 5mins..we stayed by the beach..enjoying ourselves with the sea breeze than we went to Iceberg to had a little supper and drinks..I was very thirsty..and the Iced Tea(if you ordered ice tea in Philippine. it is actually Iced Lemon Tea)taste YUCKY!!EEEWWW!!!

That day..I went out from 8am to the office until I reached the hotel at about 2am..WOW!!It amazed me I could survive that..but I know the reason why..HAHAHA..I guess there is not much more to tell what happened in May..going to Dampak, Star City, Robinsons Mall and Harbor Square is kind of all I did in May..If ever I remember somethings that I forgotten to tell..I will edit it later..

So what did I went through last May 2008:-

1) Wished Iman on her birthday (May 1st, its the most easiest birthday to can't miss it)

2) My Birthday (May 15th, went to DAMPAK to have a WONDERFUL seafood dinner)

3) Met with a long lost FRIEND (Thanks Sharina for bringing me around Manila and THANKS to RISA to accompany her along..May 18, 2008)

4)FUN Day (went to Star City with Sharina, Veric, Risa, Mavic and Steph..had a lot of FUN..May 23rd 2008)

5)Pay Day (May 31st, GAJI terbanyak pernah diterima setakat ini..HAHAHA.. ;-p)

To sum it all..May 2008 closed with a lot of "HAPPY MEMORIES"..Thanks to all..

Cuit-Cuit v.01 [Emilio Aguinaldo y Famy]

This is what I learned today, in Malaysia as we know Tunku Abdul Rahman is our Father of Independence and now I am sharing with you to the man that brought independence to the Philippine.

“From the balcony of his home in Kawit, Cavite, the revolutionary general, Emilio Aguinaldo y Famy, made history 110 years ago when he proclaimed Philippine independence. The country thus became the first in Asia to declare independence from the colonial powers that then ruled this part of the world. Today nearby Trece Martires, Cavite’s capital, Aguinaldo is memorialized as the man on horse back, encircled by Philippine flags that are all up in lights by night.”

Text taken from Philippine Daily Inquirer, Thursday, June 12, 2008 by Romy Vitug.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

May 2008 Part 1

I cannot say that I am very proud of myself right now..I don't think I have achieved everything that I wanted in my life..but turning 25 last month on May 15 2008 on Thursday does help me to open my mind and heart to new possibilities.

May 2008 does not make no differences from the other months previously..but it made me realise that Im much more older than and sure enough I must be more matured at this age. As Maklong said: "25 is just a number, what truely matters is your heart" still made you younger everyday and every hour and evry minute in your life..that is my saying..

So May, what happened in the month of May of 2008, well I guess not much..but some are pretty amazing story..let's see..on Labor Day, I think I just stayed at the hotel watching tv's or did I slept the whole day??Hmmm...I think I slept the whole day cause my GAJI Accenture tak masuk kan not enough money to go out..HeHe.. Well the first weekend of May was sucks!!no MONEY, no GO no WHERE!!!DAMN...

Next week made no differences either..I asked few of the trainees in KL wheather they have received their allowances or not..and they said YES!!they received it on Friday or Saturday itself..meaning the 2nd or 3rd of May..I was like going nuts asking everyone..this is not fair..Im supposed to flyback to Malaysia that week..on May 9th..and still no ALLOWANCES!!

Then I started to bother from Maria to Azureen to Kavitha to Su..well I mean everyone..that is like sooo meee....HAHAHA..well what you guys aspect??sit around and wait till the money fell down from the sky?shishhh...I need to buy birthday presents for the little sisters..HAHAHA..they wanted expensived stuffs..HeHe...

Its like the whole week I kept asking the finance department about the allowances...and everytime she will say..why don't you check your account tomorrow..and the next day..and the was soooo..frustrating..but on the night of May 11pm..I went down to Metrobank and check my balance...Helllll yeaahhhh...Ka-Ching!!!Jackpot..smiles all the way to my room..wuuuuhoooo...(how much i got that I could not tell you..HAHAHA..)

The next day at the office from 8.30-10am..after that I asked the driver to pick me up and bring me to MOA for last minute shopping..I need to search for 3 presents for 3 people..arrived there..and I say its got plenty of signature Olympic size skating got cinemas..a few..hehe..IMAX..bowling..a big food court..restaurants..the lists just go on...and did I tell the back of MOA..there is a strecth of BEACH..

Moving on with the simple adventure in the month of May...I arrived at KLIA on May 9 was around 9.30pm..the flight got delayed till 6pm..and Ani was the one picked me up that day..I thinked she was pissed off..cause I was so late..arrived at KL Sentral about 11pm..and she has been waiting like an hour..sorry beb..hehe..According to my Team Lead Azlan shes gonna roast you to death inside the car..HAHAHA...

That weekend in Malaysia..the Saturday after I arrived..woke up early..give the birthday presents to Iman and Diyanah..then I went to Bangi to buy the frozen foods..after that headed to Sri Hartamas to picked up Iman n Diyanah from school but before that..gone to TTDI to buy some more stuff..After picking them up, we went to One Utama..bring them around..and we tried something that is something you other guys don't ever try it..Its horrible!!! icecreams from Baskin Robbins and eat it with A&W waffles..Then we balik rumah ate 1.30pm I went back to OU to meet with Maria(my officemate) cause I asked her the favor to passed gift to Azureen..

We Lepak like so lama that day...first at Starbucks..then move on to Delicious and after that to A&W to meet up with Fahmi, Nas, and Ana..Abang (Nizad) joined later..and out of all places..Snoco was there..HAHAHA..

Well as usual..the fun in Malaysia won't last long..I only have 39 hours to complete my task in Malaysia..because on Sunday..Im returning back to Manila..but I look forward for it..cause this will be my first time celebrating my birthday at a foreign experienced for me..hehe..

January - April 2008

A brief intro into my 25th year in this world..there is a lot to talk about..but time is not the essence(is this the correct spelling??)haha..nevermind that...

Jan '08: I wish 2008 would make a lot of differences and changes in my life..i hope i am ready for manhood..if thats even a start..i got 2-3 interviews after my graduation..but i guess the turning point is in January..where everything in my life started to make sense..yeah it January i got an interview with Accenture..the place where i am working for now..but currently i am in the client side..

Feb '08: Started building up my career with Accenture..start date was 22nd February

Mar '08: Full training for a month..and a little bit of these and that..making more friends..meeting more beautiful and matured to find a few candidates to make them my wife(just kidding)hahaha...and what a first job..i got the oppurtunity of working overseas..yeah that's right..

Apr '08: I have been sent to Chevron (an oil & gas co.or Caltex is a part of it) and right now im based in Manila, Philippines..its wonderful here..there is all the freedom anyone could want..this is the time i would build up myself of becoming a great man in the making..its not that hard actually..just try in your capabilities and you are there..people tend to pull down your strength..but i have to strive to be successfull..its not for anybody else..but for myself.. I hope i would succeed and achieved more than i have accomplished now..i have come from a long way to this point..i hope again i could really make the best of it..believing in myself is most probably the key to my success..

Thank You God!!!


What have I accomplished for the past 24 years ago??

Age 1: Can't remember
Age2: Same as above
Age3: SOA (But I think at this age I moved to KL with the family)
Age4: SOA
Age5: SOA
Age6: Moved back to Batu Pahat to stay with my parents (its a long story..i'll tell later)

Age7: Started primary school at SRK Monfort, Batu Pahat mom was the class teacher for 1 Biru. At the end of the school year, I got number 1 overall..scored 100% in every exams..and well maybe cheated in bro changed my answers when my mom isn't looking..hahaha...

Age8: Moved back to KL and stayed with my Atuk(my mom's uncle to be exact)..changed school where I attended Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit class 2 far as I think back..there is no significant events that made my year special..odd really..ohh..ohh..I remember that I went to Medan, Indonesia this was in 1992..yup..going to Lake Toba with Atuk, Maklong(my mom's cousin), Paklong, Khalil(my 2nd cousin)..I think Makchu(my mom's cousin) was there too..hehe..It was fun..

Age9: Entered standard 3 significant events happen either until all the way to standard 5. But maybe Im starting to become much more bigger now..of growing up..duh~ohh yes..I disunatkan this particular Klinik Dr. Ismail Batu Pahat..hahaha...

Age10: Class 4 Biru..I think my favourite subject at this time was Alam & Manusia..and I remember one time..I need to bring some soil sample to the Hero(that is my Atuk) has to find the soils..I just sit back and relax..I can say that time, I am very Manja..crying was speacilities..if I cant get toys or anything..I will cry..hahaha..I think I went to Singapore this year..hmm..not so sure..haha..or is it last year??

Age11: Class 5 Biru..still nothing amazing happens..

Age12:6 Kuning..the year is 1995..this is the year where all the standard sixes is taking their UPSR..I managed to get 2A's and 2B's..A's for BM(Pemahaman) and English B's for BM(Karangan) and Maths..I hate sucks..then end of that year..I asked Atuk weather I could moved back and stayed with my parents in Batu Pahat. And well, I moved back to Batu Pahat that year..

Age13: Schooling in Sekolah Tinggi Batu Pahat, entering form 1A1..what I remember was, during the first ujian bulanan..I got 100% for maths..thats the first time I managed to get a full marked for mathematics..hahahaha...(after that more A's for maths..everage is C) I met again with those friends from standard 1 in Montfort, and making new friends on the age 13, that was in 1996, in December, I went to perform my Umrah in Makkah, visited the Prophet Muhammad mosque and when you're felt humble and was a great feeling..I went there with Atuk, Maklong, Paklong, Khalil and Makchu..the same people I went to Medan with..hehe..after Umrah, we went to Istanbul, Turkey..travelling is so much fun..

Age14: Form cousins previously living in Hulu Langat also moved back to Batu Pahat. Not much of memorables events this year..but I think I started playing bowling around this time..yeah..form 2..

Age15:Form 3A1..PMR..ahhh well..i did well..5A's and 3B's..celebrated at Umbai, Melaka..the seafoods was delicious...I guess till this coming of age..there is not much of adventures if you are a thrill seeker..this is the story of a teenagers living a simple life..I think in sister got sick..her kidney failed..and that year has become hard for all of bro took his SPM that year..for his contact him..hehe..

Age16:Now, this is an interesting year..I learned what puppy love is..and now when you think about'll felt stupid..hahaha..Form 4S, becoming a member of Tunas Bestari..a JCorp and Johor Education Department collaboration to trained us, teenagers at the time to become successful entrepreneurs..yeah right!!!you guys just waste a lot of money for us..we learned a lot..and I even learned how to swindle the money..making profit for the team and even profit for my own..hahahaha..funny..ohh..puppy love, she was a student at SIGS(Sultan Ibrahim Girl School JB)..she was like a crush for nothing interesting..but the school,SIGS,will be in the picture after this..hehe..ohh..on my 16th birthday, I got a motorcycle for my birthday..hahaha..the model was Modenas Kriss,blue colour, the plate number was JFH7464..

Age17: Form 5S..the primetime of my life..the starting point of every accomplishment from career,love, education and all started here..form 5..this year in 2000,I took my SPM, my mother retired from being a school teacher and others..starting with my SPM, I am the first batch of Sijil no more aggreget..or what ever it spelled..I only acquired only 1A2, 3B3, 1C5, 3D7 and 1 fail..thats add maths..who invented addmaths is such a loser..hahaha..its bad i know..but I dont regret it..i had my drivers license in 2000..I am in the english debate team, and we rock..I even have my picture inside the New Straits Times, my mom framed it..what a mom??ahahaha...our debate team when all the way to the National's..but we lost to Kelantan..I had my first heartbreak this year, I ran away from home also during this year, yeah I did..but this what teenagers do..they did a lot of stupid things..moving on till the 18th year of my life..

Age18:Considered as an adult..but still has the brains of a 10 year accepted to UiTM(Universiti Teknologi MARA)UiTM DiHatiku..hahaha...taken the course of Diploma in Food Technology..I hated it..I wanted to studied law..but my results aren't that stuck with this stupid course for 6months when finally I got kicked out because my pointer at the end of the semester was 0.52(CGPA)hahahahaha...and I did worked at McDonalds for a while..yeah..McD Pusat Bandar Damansara..

Age19:the year is 2002, my parents got divorced, and I am jobless and without proper education..then I entered some kind of a goverment funded courses..I took something like PC SEGI college in Subang Jaya, myself, my brother and my cousin, we are staying in Ampang..and everyday going to our college on 2 motorcycles to Subang Jaya..ohh my god..its such a far away to be living somewhere else and studying somewhere else..but my patients pays..I quit that college and rejoin UiTM for Diploma in Information Management in Segamat, Johor..I am studying in the Jungle for 3 years..and as far as I remembered..that year, our Aidilfitri celebration is without our parents..we siblings celebrated by mom was is dad was M.I.A(missing in action) was very sad..all of us cried when the radio played the song Ku pohon Restu Ayah Bonda..huhuhu..very touching...and after 4 days of Aidilfitri..I entered UiTM Segamat for my start of semester..very touching indeed...

Age20:1st and 2nd semester in UiTM Segamat..I was courting this girl..she is below my age a year..thats because I entered late this time 1st term I did good..I got Dean's List..4.51(CGPA)..It felt great..I was very pumped up..and with this girl it sort of destroyed my ability to maintained my CGPA for the 2nd term..from 4.51 I droped to 2 pointer in my 2nd semester..OHH conquers all..I didn't realised it till it was too late..she was my 2nd girlfriend by the way..I spent RM2000 the whole 2nd semester just to court her to my way...hahaha...thats the price I am paying for something that is uncertain..and this girl is engaged in 2008..and if I am not mistaken..she is getting married somtimes this still in contact..boohooo..such a loser I turn out to be..hahaha..

Age21: still in UiTM Segamat for my 3rd and 4th I remembered this year that I performed in front of the students of UiTM Segamat for the Battle of the resident college that is Sempana Riau College..the best male college in UiTM Segamat..hehe..I sang Swing Swing by the All American Rejects..hahaha..I dont even know how it happened..but it did happened..thats one of the memories that I can't forget..good was a night of a lifetime..In the 4th semester..I was running for the Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar seat for my course..I have 3 competitors..I was one of the two elected..and became the Setiausaha Agong of MPP for UiTM guess right..I am one of the powerful student in UiTM after that..FYI, I am still the class representative from the 1st semester..I don't know how they choose me..but its a wonderful job..

Age22:The final year in UiTM..5th semester..I did something that I am always against off..having 2 girlfriends in one time..what was I thinking that time,I think that the power that has been invested in me..I have used it unwisely..hahahaha..I did use my power to become more influential and thirst for more power..i even have a go with the president..hahaha..I was the only one disagreeing with his vision..duh~i have my own vision which is more student friendly this age, I have cheated to my self and other people around me..I broke up with the 2 of them..that is not an easy thing to do(I got another GF before the 2 of them..but it was a mistake..I just don't want to let her down..then a week after that..I broke up with was before the two..and I think it was in the 2nd semester..hehe..)..the 6th and final semester in Segamat..I'll tell you..this is where I found my first love..the love that I will never forget..but I wont go into is such a sad story..and at the age of 22..year 2005..I lost the man who taught me everything about one and only hero in my life..My Atuk..he passed away at the age of 84, the first day of Aidilfitri 10pm..and from that day onwards..I never returned back for Aidilfitri..i'll always come up with the reasons of im having exams..the one I love..was very supportived..she was the one that calms me down..showed me the way towards patients..and god bless she is married with one daughter..and also in 2005..i went to Hong Kong,with Maklong&Paklong,Khalil,Makchu,Mak Neno,Aunty Ros and children(Iman, Diyanah and Syafiq)and also aunty 2005, it is full off everything...

Age23: into Degree in Information Management majoring in Records Management and minoring in information system my diploma..i managed to get 3.13(CGPA)..i went for my in a rent house..I guess since 23..there is not much happenings in my life..the one I love got married in June..I am still the class representative till i graduated my degree..its a boring 2 years experienced during my degree..

Age24:Well,2007..I graduated with 3.14(CGPA) in my degree...I have the experienced of working at the Kompleks Mahkamah Jalan Duta Kuala Lumpur..I have make tons of friends..appreciating everything that comes in my live..and hoping for the best when I am 25..that story will start after this..starting in 2008..hehe..

There is up and downs in my life..there is a lot to think in this life..there is a much longer journey I haven't reach yet..there too many things to see, to hear, to know..hmmm..and this is not the end of my writing..there will be more to come..where the 1st half of 2008 will be told to you..hahaha...

1995 - 2008

I could never imagined that after 13 years..I will still have a friend that remembers is so unusual..and out of all the places in the world..i would say meeting one in Manila, Philippines is very unlikely..

Its a funny story really, Sharina was a friend of mine and yet we still are now, where we went to the same Primary school at Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Damansara(SKBD). I joined the school in standard two until standard six..that is between the year 1991 - 1995..I think..Well we even go tothe same sekolah Masjid Umar Al-Kattab in Bukit Damansara (they have like one of the best Lakse Penang..and the hungry right now!)

Ok the story goes, on the May 15th, Sharina send me a comment on Friendster wishing me Happy Birthday and all..then I open up her profile and saw that she is currently living in Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines..and i was like WOW!and i wrotw a message..asking if thats is true..that she is in Makati..

That evening also..i got her message..she was like sooooo happy and all leaves her phone numbers(yeah..numbers) and saying things like we should meet while Im here in the Philippines..well I replied back and give her my the way, this is my Philippines number..+639174379124 (I will stop using this number in about a week..HAHAHA)

Like 5minutes after i replied the message on Friendster, she text me on my cell..and we were like texting till many things to talk about but so little time..and I was like saying..lets meet this weekend..and she said why not!!So we set up on Sunday, May 18 2008 we shall meet at the Mall of Asia..(its like the biggest Mall in Asia or South East Asia I think).

and that Sunday, we met..I was waiting at Starbucks while drinking my favourite coffee..iced Caremel that how it spelled??not sure..HAHAHA..well, they arrived at the front entrance of MOA..when I said they..Im referring to Sharina and her sister, Sharisa (FYI, she was like the cutest people I have ever known..HAHAHA)

After that we went to had our lunch at this place which I can't remember what its called..yeah like we stayed there for 3 hours talking..and mostly we talked bout the past..Then they dragged me to this beauty salon where they wanted to thread thier eyebrows and I made HISTORY where I did the First MANICURE & PEDICURE and plus a foot scrub in MY life..HAHAHA...

After the beauty salon..we went bowling because Risa wanted to bowl..I always said that I never played before..HAHAHA..which later they found out that Im good at it..but not greatlaa..Risa did something with the glasses and tricked me into eating a discussting candy..BWEKKK!!!and its just not my day when I lost to Risa at 20points I think..she's a good bowler...

By the time we finished bowling it was already dark outside..we went to Coffee Bean and have a drink and deserts..I cant remember what I had that day..but the cake was nice..then we strolled down outside of the Mall..whereby the beach was on our left..the sea was not an awful day..I had fun that day...

Well Sharina and Risa lives at Roxas Boulevard which is quite near to MOA..I asked Romer(my driver) to take them home as well..Overall I should say..after 13 years there is so much you want to talk Sharina is married and have two kids now..what about the others from SKBD batch of 1995..a REUNION with all of them could be nice..

The DAY ended great!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

May 15, 2008

MAY 15 2008

This is my first time celebrating my birthday without close friends and families and this is my first time celebrating my birthday outside of the country. My 25th birthday will be one of the historical events in my life. Have you guys celebrated your birthday outside of Malaysia?

Woke up that day feeling auspicious with messages pouring since the eve of May 15, the first message of my celebration of life in this planet earth was 3 days before, through Facebook, yeah, this guy really wanted to be the first one to wish me, its nice of him, thanks FR. FR girlfriend was the second person to wish me, she was 2 days early and thanks ENAR.

Thanks for all those who wish me on that fine day, it really helps brighten up my day. Woke up early that day, 6.00am and all pump up to go to work and I am doing something out of the ordinary which got ready to go to the office 2 hours early that is something good right? Gone down to breakfast at 7.00am, my birthday breakfast is the same as everyday breakfast which consist of 2 sunny side up and a bowl of mix cocoa crunch and corn flakes added with brown sugar and milk.

7.30am I am done with my breakfast and goes back up in my room to watch FRIENDS till 8.00am, then go down to the lobby and wait for my driver. When I reached the lobby, the diver was already there and greeted with a smile and wishes me. It was starting to get from good to great, yes it was.

Reach the office, although my colleagues didn’t know it was my birthday but then again when I went online, there are still messages of happiness I received till lunch break. I didn’t count of how many birthday wishes I get that day, but thanks again for all the wonderful wishes and greets it is touching.

I didn’t have any birthday lunches, and I was thinking of getting myself a birthday cake, but I think again, first where can I get one? Then who is going to eat it? So in the end I didn’t get any, no matter because that night I am going to have a big dinner instead. The plan was before to go to Dampak (a seafood place in Pasay City, Manila, Philippines) with 6 people, plus myself, but after lunch the other 2 has work to be done that night and the other 1, I don’t know what his reason of not going along was.

After lunch there is still nothing to do, no work, no tasks, and no activities, but not until at 3.00pm where Petrus gave me a few tasks which he required to make me finished before Monday. It is not a simple task when you are dealing with Month End Close. Oh my God, it was torturing when you are on a deadline, I am trying my best trying to finish up half of the task.

I was planning to go home a little bit early that day, around 5.00pm, but since I have received the tasks a little late, that day I have to stay back until 8.00pm. I am getting used to it of getting home late, the latest I have stayed at the office are till 10.00pm, and it was very exhausting.

I got home around 8.30pm that day, I told my driver Romer to wait because we are going to had our dinner at Dampak. It is truly a good place to dine seafood when it’s your birthday and this will be my first time to go there. When upstairs, freshen up myself, get ready to go out again, I was very tired, body and mind, and let’s not forget even my soul, but what better way to heal myself with a wonderful dinner. That night I wore a black t-shirt that I bought in Greenhills before which bear a writing saying, “Asthma is Sexy”. It’s a nice t-shirt, and in Greenhills, there is much more to choose from, and the prices are cheap.
I was so very hungry when I have reached the lobby floors, the driver is waiting to took me to journey of an unforgettable meal, yes, really unforgettable. 9.15pm and I am on my way to Dampak, it is situated in Pasay City (pronounce as Pa-Sai), near to Makati City which took us around half an hour and also very near to Manila, which is about 10 minutes. Dampak is also close to the Mall of Asia, about 5 minutes drive, and Romer asked whether we go to the beach side of Mall of Asia to have our seafood or in Dampak. I have been to the beach side, and I am going to try a new place.

Reach Dampak, oh man, my tummy started to make noise, annoyingly it bothers me a lot (I don’t care of onlookers if they hear it too). Let me tell you what Dampak looks like, imagine like you are at a fish market and it’s a big fish market, that’s like in the middle where between the market, there is restaurants. Inside the market, you will see stalls that sells seafood, right upfront there is stalls selling all kinds of fruits, and maybe Philippines is known for mangoes (because I bought dried mangoes for my friends last time and they say it was delicious).

After the fruit stalls, you will come by stalls that sells crabs, squids, lobsters which comes in different sizes, one that I cross upon was as big as my thigh (and you know that my thigh aren’t small right?), but I am not into lobsters, nope, my eyes was fixed on one thing and that one thing is staring back at me (that time I swear that my heart was saying, pick them they are juicy, yes, pick that one over there, they are fresh, and for those who knew me, will definitely know to what I am referring to). Yes, prawns, and it’s totally my favorite kind of food, oh yes, there is many kind prawns, big, small, medium, blue, and oh gosh, you can’t choose.

Luckily I brought along Romer the driver, because it helps to bargain, first stop was at the prawn stall, I bought 1.5kg of prawns, 1 kg is 400peso, so I paid the seller 600peso (which equivalent to RM40, it depends on the current currency). Moving on, after the family of shell and tentacles, you will come over stalls selling fishes. You will come across strange fishes that you never saw before, and the fishes here are absolutely huge, mind you, I was scared of the fishes when I first saw them. Damn they are huge and not cute at all. Just for laugh.

After the fish stalls, you will be at the end of the market which sells clamps, oysters and what ever that comes from that family. I cannot say it was a never ending journey, but I didn’t buy any clamps family or oysters or what ever that is clampy (I don’t even know if it’s a word, clampy?)

Next stop, I bought 1.5kg of crabs, the crabs was huge also, 1kg equals to 600peso, amongst the foods I have bought, the crabs was the expensive one’s compare to the prawns, squids and the fish. Then we went to buy the squids, which cost 300peso per kilo, and we took 1.5kg of squids which costs 350peso (I say dudes, do your own math’s afterwards, I have provide you with guidelines on how to convert). Then I go and bought the Lapu-Lapu which is fish, I don’t know what kind of fish it is, the shop owner just hand me the fish and I just took it, and costs 350peso, and it is a big fish. To sum up everything and I mean everything that I bought that night is big and huge.

I have been buying the foods since we arrived at Dampak for like half an hour (I think more, because we manage to stop and get pictures with the seafood’s just for the memories) and around 10.15pm or so, we started to find a restaurant to cooked the seafood we bought earlier (a note for those who wanted to go here, please buy your seafood at the market first, it is cheaper, if you ordered it from the restaurant it will double your costs) and the restaurant will charged on how many kilo’s of the seafood is going to be cooked.
Then at one of the restaurant, we sat at a wooden place where our backs are facing the sea, the night was rather hot that night, but no matter, my only concern was to eat as much as I could. The way they cooked through the menu I read, it is not much different as it in Malaysia, the fish I asked them to cook in sweet and sour gravy. The prawns if I am not mistaken I have asked them to cooked in butter chilly or something like that, next the crabs, I wanted it too be spicy and so they cooked it in chilly also, then the squids, I asked them to make half of it cooked in Tempura and the other half whereby my driver suggest to cooked it in if I am not that forgetful or na├»ve enough to ask for the real spellings would be “Adongbong” (pronounce as A-Do-Bo, and it is cooked with soy sauce, and I found it very delicious)

The foods we give them to cook only took them around half an hour to cooked, at 10.30pm, our dinner is served. Not after the Happy Birthday song is sang that we started to eat our dinner. I was forgetting something, that is I was planning to go to work that night, because I left the office with the tasks a quarter way finished, but it is not until I have saw the foods where I told the driver that I am not going to the office that night, instead, I asked him to pick me up early the nest morning at 7.ooam.

The foods was very delicious, I liked everything that they cooked because it was magnificent, before this I tasted the Filipino cooked and it was terrible, but on my birthday, it tasted great. It was one of the best meals in my life. I can never wished for more things rather than having a wonderful meal right in front of me. Oh man, I swear, the birthday dinner was the best and I couldn’t wish for anything else but finished all the foods that we have bought.

I guessed we all finished our dinner that night around 12.00am, all of us was stuffed and full from that a lot of foods. What I can say that, I spent around 3500peso that night, whereby the foods we bought are like serving for 7 to 8 people and you can still have left over, and the left over I gave to the driver to bring back to his family.

The night doesn’t end there, Romer my driver requested me to sing that night, and it is my pleasure to sing at a 5peso karaoke machine. The song I sang that night was Boulevard by Dan Byrd, and the restaurant staffs were all applauding when I finished the song, and this you got to believed, I scored a 96 on the machine, and it surprised me (I sang that bad and still scored 96, the thing must have been broken down). Oh well, once I got into the car I started to dream away and thinking about the next morning to wake early and go finished my work. Reach the apartment, bid farewell to my driver and remind him to take me to the office before 7.ooam the next day and went straight to my room, reached my bed, turn on the alarm on my phone, and without changing to my sleeping uniform (which is my white Transformer t-shirt and kain pelekat) and sleep.

What I can say is that my 25th birthday is different in the sense that I am not celebrating it with my close one’s, and I am celebrating it in overseas which is the first time for me, and I t has been a memorable experienced that I will cherished it for the rest of my life. What a wonderful day it was...

Friday, May 2, 2008

A Man in the Making

Although the office hour starts at 8.30am, but I arrived early at 7.45am. You can see people in the LRT yawning, sleeping and what better way to express about all of them then to say, all of them look like zombies. Creepy, I know but that’s what we should call ourselves as the corporate slaves, making money for the ‘Man’. Enough about the ‘Man’, I am going to talk about the 5 weeks experienced inside the classroom training. Like I said before, it is full of drama and emotions involved.

The story goes as I step inside the training room for the third time, people were already sitting in front, so what the heck I just grab myself a seat at the back, its much more fun without further interruptions from the rest of the people inside there. Open my laptop and starting surfing away, at 9.00am the trainer from India came in and started teaching us FI or financial accounting, as far as I know, I never could understand a word that coming out of his mouth.

The classes were horrible; I was thinking to myself at that time how in the world I get to work as a SAP analyst, this is very much torturing. Flashback moments came along, why I accept to join this company? I never doubted taking on this position, as a matter of fact, when the Exonmobil offer came to me, offering better wages and everything but my mind already made up for the company I am working now, its all because of a girl. (This is what I am talking about, building my career with a little bit of love story).

FYI, while writing this blog, I am listening to Jessica Jay and the song is Chilli Cha Cha. Shake your body girl; I really want to see you dance. Back again, the class ratio is four girls to one boy, and it is not a pretty class.

Im sorry guys...there is few content on this story need to be removed due to my Privacy...but enjoy the other stories...