Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Ngangkung. Ngangkung. Ngangkung. Ada apa dengan Ngangkung? Iya berkisahkan tentang 3 orang sahabat yang ingin menjadi kaya. Cara paling senang adalah dengan membeli nombor ekor. Banyak tok bomoh, pawang, dukun atau seumpama dengannya mereka bertiga ini pergi berjumpa untuk mendapatkan nombor.

How's the movie the? Well, the first scene of the movie already made me laugh out loud. It was so funny. It is full of comedy, laughter and also advice. Such a good plot, cinematography, lighting and the costume is very scary for the ghosts in a comedy movie. Good job director. It made me scared to sleep for 2 days. Yeap! There I said it. The ghost makeup looks real. Good job makeup artist.

How does this compare to Ghost Kak Limah went Home? I prefer that movie over this.

i give 4 POPCORNS for such a fun movie..go enjoy it at Astro First...

Aku Masih Dara

Okay!Okay!People..settle down..Aku Masih Dara in English it should read like this I'm still a Virgin. That's right. The title will surely pump up your adrenaline. An Islamic country came up with this kind of title for a movie. Surely you'll be thinking could this maybe be the Malaysian 40 year old Virgin? STOP! Do not dream..Cause ain't nothing in the movie on how to lose your virginity.

So what is the story is all about??? (To be frank...I only know only one actor in this movie...Farid Kamil (who played the bad guy) the others...Sorry...I don't know...Even the characters name doesn't glued into me brain (this is one way I want to tell you how Sucks and a waste of RM15 to watched it over Astro First).

It is a typical Malay movie about a girl (a really bad..bad..girl that needs spanking) that lost her way...even the parents are way..way..lost. So met this pious guy that would teach and bring her bcak to righteous path.
Simple, dully directed, no passion, low in quallity and no dramatic flair. It is a straight forward film where you do not need to think very hard on the ending. It has some comedic quality though. Other than that, no spark at all.

as an amature critic...2 POPCORNS...well deserved 2...come on Malay film...you can do better

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sesi TT ~ Astro 1st

So last Sunday my homie and I tried this package offered by Astro called the Astro First. It is quite convinient and easy to use. Just go to channel 480 and they have provided the instruction on how to order the movies. As far as I know, the movies that are going to be offered are from movies from the cinema after 2 weeks of their premier. Please check with Astro on that.

So the first 3 movies they offered are:
1. Ngangkung
2. Aku Masih Dara
3. Damping Malam

I'm not fancy of scary movies and so we took movie number 1 & 2.

Each movie will cost you RM15/ 48 hours. So after 48 hours it will be unsubscribe. First step choose your movie, then sent a SMS to 32999 with the ticket number provided inside the screen, after that wait till they reply back the SMS (it takes a while before you received it), after you reveid the replied SMS, change the channel of the subscibed movie. Voila! Enjoy the show.

Did I miss anything?

Wadi Hadramawt III

Again..We went to dine in Wadi Hadramawt..I am addicted to Arab foods..isit because of my origin? (yeah right..just because your grandfather are from Yemen you claim you are a Super Arab..beranganlah kau..hehe).

So the foods???What isit this time?

Maqluba - I had Maqluba but it is not that very nice because it is quite oily and gravily(is there any such words?)..It is cooked with spices and yogurt...as a Bugis blood member this is not my food...hahaha..

What about the other one?

My cousin had this one. It is better than mine and this is the version of Lamb Haneeth but rather than cooked in an oven it has gravy and a soup. Served with Mandy Rice. So almost all the rice menu here I have tasted and overall I prefer this place rather than Al-Rawsha.

So guys/gals, its your pick..its your taste buds...Enjoy!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Season of the Witch

Halamak!Disaster struck Nicholas Cage. I say its utter rubbish!Bad!Bad!Bad!Big name but SAD!!!

Nothing good will come to you when you watch this movie, I say that because I went and watch it. It is total CRAP!!!not a single good moment. Plain, very scruffy (scruffy???like a dog you mean???Yes, like that) and indeed Bo-ooo-ring!!!

So whats the story all about???
It's a about 2 crusaders that went MIA from the Crusades (Duhhh~) and found themselves in a village somewhere in Eastern Europe that was attack by plague. I don't know what kind but the dead seems disgusting. So these 2 deserted crusaders were caught in that village for being a deserter and were asked to take a Witch to another place called Severac so that the moks there can cure her or something.

So the adventure starts there for these group of people, its like The Lord of the Rings without the Hobbits.

this movie deserved no more than 2 POPCORNS...yikes!ouch! 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First Gathering 2011 for Southern Regime

Ganas tak nama geng?Hahaha...Just for laugh...

Well, January 8th will mark as our group 1st activity for the year 2011...

What kind of activity bro?
It's one of a kind...It's a house-warming, pot-luck and surprise birthday altogether activity.

Wherelah bro?
At my place in Ampang, I just moved there with my cousin and friend.

What we had that day?
1. Pizza
2. Chicken and potato salad
3. Mee goreng & Mee Hoon Goreng
4. Soto
5. Chocalate cake
6. Sandwiches
7. Roti John
8. Chocalate Indulgence from Secret Recipe (the Surprise Birthday Cake)
9. Barbican?
10. Did I miss out anything?
11. Oh yeah..murtabak Singapore from Mak Tim

Who were there?
1. Me (of courselahkan..)
2. Midy
3. Ijad
4. Fahmi & Nany & Nia & Fetus
5. Kiyai & Didie & Fetus
6. Nas & Ana & Fetus (say what???)
7. Azzuar & Zue & Fetus (again say what???)
8. Kirin & Umie & .....(you get the idea)
9. Cical
10. Abg Shah
11. Again...did I miss anyone?

What were our activities?
Mostly we talked, we laughed, we watched tv, we make fun of each other...then we talked again and we made fun of each other. After that we talked again and played with the younglings...(youglings???that's a Jedi without any super powers yet in Star Wars). Some went to the playground, some went to the pool. Some stayed and have fun and hope we will meet again real soon. Does it rhyme by any chance?

Ohh well...thank you so much for the people who came. Thanks for the food and company. It was a blast. What a way to start the new year and hope there will be more activities to come. Enjoy the piccass...

Sesi TT ~ Batu Pahat l'Expérience Culinaire

Je suis Maleh. J'offre visiter des services pour une expérience culinaire charmante dans ma ville natale Batu Pahat.

Si vous êtes intéressé s'il vous plaît n'hésite pas pour me contacter. Me part s'il vous plaît votre e-mail dans mon secteur de commentaire et je répondrai bientôt.
L'espoir pour entendre de vous bientôt.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sesi TT ~ #tanyanajib

So this evening...our PM Najib Tun Razak tweet...on what?Ask him...Ask him what? Well from trail of #tanyanajib, there is a lot of questions...i mean DAMN! a lot weih...there are Trolls everywhere, not to mention some stupid and irrelevant questions. It's funny actually, most of it.

So did I ask anything?Yes, I did. What sort of questions did I asked you ask?

Here you go...
#tanyanajib @NajibRazak bole bagi 1 rumah free kat putrajaya tak?..mahal rumah skang nk beli Dato'
He replied: Of course he didn't reply lah dey...what sort of stupid questions you asked?

Next questions...
‎@NajibRazak #tanyanajib pls ambil tindakan to companies yg take advantage towards their employees..kerja mcm buruh kasar gaji mcm pengemis..

He replied: again..he didn't reply...who am I yang sampai dia nak reply ni...

But all of that tweets flying around the thread...it was really fun to read it..what an enjoyable evening today..hahaha

He should do this more often to get our load of stress off our shoulders...am I right?right?

To our PM...as for now you did some good..and some bad decision...there is still room for improvement...all the best and good luck for your next PRU...it should be interesting..

Wadi Hadramawt II

Went back to Wadi Hadramawt for my second review of the foods there. It is a simple dish called Lamb Haneeth (RM23). The lamb is cooked with spices inside brick oven for 2 hours. What about the taste? It was amazing. You can taste the spices inside the lamb and also the lamb is cooked into tenderness. Well deserved to get a standing ovation (exxagerate more I think). The rice they used Mandy rice.

We had our Adani. The lovely tea with milk in a pot. A GREAT COMBO with the Lamb Haneeth.

Gulliver's Travels

So yesterday we went to watch Gulliver's Travels..Starring the infamous Jack Black and Amanda Peet (not so hot though). This is an adaptation from the book written by an Anglo-Irish clergyman named Jonathan Swift (in Smarter than a 5th Grader, a question came out who is the author).

What's the story about? You mean book or movie? Well, since this is a review for the movie..I start with that. Gulliver (Jack Black) works in New York Tribune inside the mail room. He has a crush to the editor for travel section Darcy (Amanda Peet). Then one day he had to lie to Darcy on how he used to travel to places and she requested him to write review samples whereby he conduct the act of plagiarism.

Next, Gulliver was assigned to do a review on travelling on a boat alone to the Bermuda Islands. During the boat travel he was sucked away into a whirl pool sort like tornado thingy and stranded into an island called Liliput. Liliput is an island where the people are 1 inch tall. So the adventures starts there. To understand more about the story please read the book written by Swift or go get yourself a DVD.

The movie was a comedy. It was fun, funny and exciting. It is a simple movie where you don't need to think hard on the ending. It is a good way to entertain yourself on a weekday afternoon. The CGI is great. The script is good and last but not least there is always jack Black singing in his movies. There you go then. It is watchable.

I rate it...4 POPCORNS..enough right?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nasi Kandar Zainul

Do you believe it that I had this for my breakfast in the morning? at 9.00 a.m.

Does it look so tempting to you? or is this too much for you? I can say this...While I'm writing this, my stomach is rumbling and I am hungry.

Nasi Kandar Zainul is located in Petaling Jaya. Where exactly? Do you where PJ Hilton is? Yes, it is on that side of the Federal Highway. Do you know where A&W PJ is? Yes, Nasi Kandar Zainul is situated along the road towards A&W but it is on the other end the first building you saw when going through that road. It's inside it.

Well from what I know, the shop starts serving from 7.00 a.m., at 7 am eating nasi kandar you mean? You crazy bro! Not at all. It was good. So they served all the typical Nasi Kandar dishes from Kari Kepala Ikan to big and juicy Fried Chicken. So if you come there and order Nasi Kandar Ayam (they'll ask you half chicken or full..if half your nasi kandar will cost you around RM4 if full RM6) thats what you get.

So what so great about this place? The curry of course. They taste good and I say it has the same level of taste for a Nasi Kandar shop in Sungai Wang. You can even smell the curry after you have washed your hands and stayed for 1 day. I can say also it is cheap. It is even better tasting and pricing rahter then you go eat at your mamak stalls or mamak restaurant like Pelita, Kayu etc. All of that are overated.

so I rate you Nasi Kandar Zainul...5 Stars...Hooray...and thanks to ArzaAzriq for the place...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Alahai My Jalangku

Alkisah..Memang manja betul motor aku nih..gi ganti tayar, tukar bateri, tukar minyak hitam, tukar minyak gear, tukar break, inject Botox, pergi salon, hantar pergi Spa. Manja gila.Hahaha..apa boleh buat...Ia falls under My Precious...kenalah jaga. Lagi-lagi dah tak ada hutang..Alhamdulillah. So My Jalang dah berumur 2 tahun sekarang. Sedar-sedar dah habis bayar. So sekarang adalah extra cash RM325.

Ingat bolehlah yahooooo...or berjoli...nengok-nengok...pakai untuk My Jalang jugak...Oh well, everyone pun macam nih so go with the flowlah kan...so happy that it is in good condition now. Just for the motorbike. I haven't slept yet!Darn!OKlah. Mau tido. Kita ketemu lagi Ya!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Warung Pak Atan

I have to say...Each time I went back to the beloved hometown of mine (which is in Batu Pahat of course) never failed to have the delicious and mouth watering fried banana (Pisang Goreng dalam Bahasa Melayu kan..) and also it's Teh Tarek Ais VOLCANO...Volcano DUDE!!!What a treat right?

The place does not only offer delicious fried bananas but other meals that can match the GREATNESS of it's fried bananas. They have fried noodles and mee hoon with eggs and paste (sambal if you don't know what I mean). They also offers rojak, nasi lemak and nasi ayam.

Warung Pak Atan previously is just a stall made of wood and zinc but now it has upgraded itself and move into a shop-lot. Customers eating, take away are non stop. It is like a custom for us Malaysian to have this kind of eatery place to cater for tea time. The old place was more relaxing than now but they still served good food.

For future entries, I will try to go and give review of other places to eat in Batu Pahat. We are glad that the foods here are the best (you tend to promote your place rather than other places right?). So anyone interested to go for a tour in this small town and explore the colorful culinary in Batu Pahat, just put it in my comment and I will accommodate you shortly.

(Saya sedang mempromotekan diri menjadi tour guide for tourist disini...biar betul???hahaha..)

well just like i said..it serves my kind of food...5 Stars...let see if I can get some testimonial...hehe

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cerita Kahwin?

Cerita ini cerita tahun lepas punya cerita...Paham?Cerita ini berlaku pada 12.31.2010. Tak paham lagi?

OK.OK. Cecite!Cecite!Cecite!

So new year's weekend nih went back to BP. Lama dah tak balik kan and mommy wanted to go back. So arrived around Solat Jumaat, selamat sampai time orang baca Khutbah, so takdalah lambat. After solat Jumaat, baliklah rumah my aunty for lunch.

Dengar-dengar cerita 2011 nih, 4 cousins are going to get married. Detik dalam hati...iyeke?siapa?Hah!Guesslah wahai family, yang boys punya wedding aku taulah siapa...ini yang girls...well, just wanted to wish good luck, all the best and CONGRATS to all.

Then suddenly ada permintaan untuk jadikan 6 weddings for cousin sekali gus...weih, siapalah pulak yang 2 lagi nih...wakil dari cikgu Nahidah tak ada ke?Oh, WTH!siapa abang Ju ngan Abg Boy nak kawen gak ke?Hmmm...interesting news kan?What about me?

Me?(ini aku akan jawab sendirilah kan) First I am waiting for anak Najib to reponse...anak Najib mana pulak nih? Alah, anak Najib Razak...PM kita tuh...kalau dia naklah kan...Kalau die tak terima? Aku fikir panjang sat...Hah!kalau dia tak mau, itu awek engineer yang kat Dubai tu pun bolehlah...engineer tuh, kerja ngan Petronas. Sekufu lagi. Kenal dah lama dah dari sekolah rendah lagi. Kalau dia pun tak terima jugak? Alamatnya ibu kena carikan calonlah...hahaha..


Amacam cerita di atas?ada gaya2 meraban dan merapu tak?

Welcome to 2011...the year this blogger will post more and more merapu entries..Can't wait..CHIOW!

The Tourist

This is GREAT! My first entry in 2011. (actually I was supposed to update this on the 12/31/2010 but I was asleep for quit a long time..so sorry). So the chronology on how I went to watch this. Well, I got a movie+dinner date with a friend on December 30th, 2010. Why do I want to watch this? Because it's Johny Depp maa...What else?

So the story? It is a story about two people, the Scotland Yard and it's Interpol friends and 1 English gangster surrounded with Russian. Why the Tourist? Well, Johny here is the tourist who met Jolie on a train from Gare De Lyon to Venice because Jolie here is following instruction from a guy named Alexander Pierce which is Wanted Man by the Scotland Yard (for tax invasion evasion) and an English gangster for robbing his fortune.

Thats about it i Guess...To know further please go and watch it OKAY!!!

Did the movie went well? I shall rate the movie as I rate the POPCORN and Sprite from GSC Signature The Gardens. They didn't taste as good as before. A little bit dissapointed there, towards the popcorns of cause not the movie.

The movie is all about softness. Soft comedy from Depp, soft romance from Depp & Jolie and really soft action from Jolie (not her usual self from her typical movie action with cars and bombs flying around). It's all soft. Depp being a Loof like in his role as Sparrow but this Loof is being more an intelligent Loof.

Overall I find this movie a bit slow, a bit funny, a bit romantic and also a bit action. So my feeling will be less bit strong and you shall enjoy it at your own comfort couch in the living room. DVD or Astro is the best option.

due to the bits...3 POPCORNS...enjoy...